Still I rise

Still I Rise ….

One of the things about me (and why I sometimes miss a “deadline”) is that I don’t pre-write all of my emails and load them up in bulk to be scheduled out in an intelligently organized fashion.

I don’t do that – because I want to FEEL what I am sending to you.  And I want you to feel it too – and I just haven’t found the groove yet to do that in a way that allows me to load multiple emails.

How do I know what I’m going to feel in a week’s time?

So all of that to say … I didn’t write yesterday.  I didn’t write because I was in ritual. Myself and 4 people I love dearly were in a ritual of honoring the beauty, the majesty, the magic and miracle, the symbolism –

of the sun setting, and the super moon rising.

There were no electronics as we sat in silence, in awe.  It was imperative for me to release distractions, to clear my mind, to be able to focus on the miracle I was witnessing and allow the whispers to find their way to me.

Here is what kept coming and coming …. Still I Rise …

I know that this is a poem by Maya Angelou – and that has its’ own significance and resonance for me – but this was something different.  This feeling that was sweeping through me wasn’t a “rising from the ashes” – “surviving through it all” kind of emotion.

This was a feeling of being able to depend upon something – a pattern, a ritual, that doesn’t shift regardless of what may be happening in the world.

I look at “happiness” / joy like that.  I look at purpose and why we are called upon the planet like that.

Those are intrinsic things that do not shift due to external circumstances. (Believe me I KNOW that my belief that joy is an inside job completely can draw heated debate … but hang tough with me for a moment on this.)

Still I Rise … can be – Still I Am In Joy (or I Am Joy if you prefer).

Still I Rise … can be – Still I Love (or I Am Love)

Still I Rise … can be – Still I Am On Purpose

You see – the sun always rises – and always sets.  Sometimes it is brilliant – sometimes it is subdued – sometimes it is surrounded in glorious color – sometimes it is hidden completely … but it is still “there” and it will still rise.

The moon rising follows the sun setting – and sometimes it is huge and full and bright – sometimes only a sliver in the darkest night – some evenings you can’t even see it … but it is there.

Regardless of the color of the sky, regardless of if there is rain or snow, regardless where in the world you are …. “Still I Rise”.

What is your “Still I Rise” W3?  Share it with us in the FB group – what is the state of being you choose, regardless of outside influence and circumstance?

Share with us the challenges, the patterns or rituals you’ve established to keep you in state, share YOU.  Because we are waiting for you there.

You Are Loved,

Christa xo
Still I Rise
Still I AM ______________(fill in the blank for you)