Imagine a Place Where You Are Truly Understood…

What if you could join a tight-knit rebel community that was filled to the rafters with experts and rockstars, leaders and game-changers, visionaries and artists, all gathering to share their best strategies with you?

What if you could be connected to real-life women, experts in their life – thrilled to teach you what they know – on any topic you choose – all with the click of a button?

What if you could STOP searching… STOP registering for endless webinars hoping for the easy button, for the magic bullet that keeps breaking your heart with tricks and false hope…

And what if you could STOP throwing money away on course after course, program after program, to find the nugget you need to make real change in your life?

Would you want to know more?

Wild and Wise YOU … Where It’s All About You.

Yes, Christa! I Want In!

What If You Could Tap Into a Whole New Network of Gutsy, Tough, Smart, Untamed, Wild and Wise Women Who Aren’t Afraid to Be Bold and Take Chances?

What if you could invest in one affordable monthly subscription that would give you access to hundreds of topics, trainings, and interviews with speakers, teachers, leaders and experts all guiding you toward your most incredible life – the life of YOUR design – on your terms?

What if you had the opportunity to receive a daily mindfulness reminder, a weekly motivational message on your phone, a monthly handwritten note … all from someone who truly cares about your success and happiness? (by the way – those would all come from me … Christa – Founder of Wild and Wise You)

What if you could receive presents … surprise gifts … and it’s not even your birthday? You receive them just because … You Are Loved.

What if you had the opportunity to contribute to something bigger than yourself every single month and knew that you were making a difference in the lives of women around the world?

Would you want to join hands and be a part of it?

Yes, Christa! I Want In!

What If You Were Invited to the Wild and Wise Retreat House for a Special Weekend of Relaxation and Connection with Like-Minded Inspiring Women Who Could Change Your Life?

And… what if you were able to attend a virtual retreat every single year for free – where you could find peace, joy, fulfillment, passion and purpose from the comfort of your home, all while being surrounded by hundreds or even thousands of soul sisters with a shared vision for their wild and wise lives?

What if you had the exact steps and strategies you needed to live a life filled with passion, success, courage, soul, purpose, and love?

Would you want to soak it all in and become a part of something so personal and special, created specifically with you in mind?

Yes, Christa! I Want In!

What If All This Happened in a
Place That Was Treated as Sacred…

… Where you were treated as the divine, brilliant, and incredible being you are, and not a number to be sold to?

… Where you had 24/7 access to a tribe that truly gave a damn about you and your journey?

What If You Had the Opportunity for All of That and More?

Would You Reach Out and Take It?

group of women friends

Your Passion and Purpose Are Waiting for You.
All You Have to Do Is Say Yes.

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Wild and Wise Women Contributing to the Empowerment of Women Around the World

We are proud to be contributing 12% of annual profits to support women across the globe who are starting businesses, going to school, leading their communities and building strong families through the Kiva organization.

Kiva states that on average, women reinvest 80% of their income into the wellbeing of their children. That’s a statistic Wild and Wise Women can get behind as we prepare for the next generation of Wild and Wise visionaries, leaders, change agents, and artists.

“Empowered Women Empower Women.”

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