A Little Bit Scary

It’s A Little Bit Scary …

It’s the First Step to Change – Big and Small

How often have you said to yourself or others, I want to go somewhere new today.

But then … we don’t, instead we repeat the same day over again.

I know, when we think this … it is often in terms of something a bit grand – I want to take that trip to Europe, or a tropical vacation, or maybe a fancy restaurant – and sometimes it just isn’t practical,or within our means, just yet.

I get that; however, I hope you understand that go somewhere new today can
be the smallest change
, like a new coffee shop, or a new park with the kids,
or a new route on your daily walk.

Our lives often feel like they are completely out of our control – and there are certainly circumstances we find ourselves faced with where this is so.

But there are other parts of our lives that are exactly the way they are because … we designed it that way.

Give that thought a minute to settle.

Our lives are a pattern of choices we make, decisions we choose, roads we follow.  So today’s the day W3 …  cut yourself a new pattern, take a different road!

You all know I’m a fan of baby steps, and that is what this is.  I am honestly not asking for the “bold move” in this instance, or the BHAG (Big Hairy Audacious Goal).

I know you’ve already been down that road – and maybe you succeeded, and maybe you didn’t.  But this, this is just about one thing.  One little thing.  One small step.

My beautiful W3 … go somewhere new this week.  Try a new route to work, get groceries in a new store, walk in the rain when you usually avoid it like the plague, visit a new coffee shop, go down the slide at the playground with your kids, go OUT when you normally stay in – stay IN when you are normally always out.

Change is good, we all know this.  Change is opportunity.  Change means meeting new people, seeing new things, feeling new emotions.

Change means feeling alive.  Bust through the limits in your life that are there solely due to the patterns set by repetition, the comfort zones we’ve created, the rut we might be stuck in.

Embrace the change, feel empowered by the change.  This simplest change is the first step toward the changes you want.

The big changes will come. It’s a practice, a ritual, a muscle we have to flex.  Baby steps. 🙂

So, go somewhere new this week W3.  Take time to breathe, observe, take it all in, and then you decide if you want to hang out there awhile, or brave the frontier again tomorrow with another “new place to go”.

You will know in your heart W3; no matter which decision you make – you are exactly where you want to be.

Until you can truly say that, allow yourself the endless possibilities that present themselves when you take a new path.

PLEASE … take photos, share with us in the group where you went, the experience you had, will you go back or need to keep adventuring?  Keep adventuring W3 … and take us along with you.  See you in the group!

I ….. am on my way out the door into the rain … I’ll keep you posted on my final destination. 😉

You Are Loved,

Christa xo