Join Us … Best-Selling Author Mel Robbins and Wild and Wise Founder Christa Thompson as We Share the Real-Tips and Strategies That We’ve Used to Create Passion-Fueled Lives, Success-Full Businesses, and Unstoppable Focus and Freedom!

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Your Hosts for This Free Life-Changing Virtual Training:

Christa Thompson

Founder of Wild & Wise Women, the Facebook Community That’s Nearly 300,000 Women Strong, Leader, Certified Coach and Mentor, Business Builder and Influencer.

Mel Robbins

Most Booked Female Motivational Speaker in the World, Serial Entrepreneur, CNN Analyst, International Best-Selling Author of The 5 Second Rule, and a True Wild and Wise Woman

Have You Ever Wanted A More Passionate, Purpose-Driven Vision for Your Life… But You Don’t Even Know Where to Start?


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with Mel and Christa!

Here’s a Tiny Sneak Peek at What We’ll Cover:

  • The tools and strategies we’ve used on this journey to live a passion-fueled, success-filled life that brings us joy (including the “5 Second Rule” that has dramatically impacted hundreds of thousands of people worldwide)… and how you can use these tools and tips to do the exact same…
  • How to use what scientists call “savoring” to increase your happiness and excitement around something – instantly…
  • Why passion has nothing to do with what you are DOING in life… and everything to do with your state of BEING…
  • The Passion “fuel gauge” that you can use as a tool to measure if you’re on the right track or need to make changes to how you spend your time…
  • How to use your natural instincts and curiosity to guide you to your passion – this works even if you have NO CLUE how to find your passion right now…
  • The 2 states you should be paying attention to if you want to spend your time doing things that energize and excite you… instead of wasting your hours on the tasks and people that deplete you…
  • How to dismantle the stories you keep telling yourself that are holding you back from more… and instead get straight to the results you crave…
  • A strategy you can use to stop your brain from sabotaging you and eliminate self-doubt…
  • A simple exercise that will help you find joy and meaning whenever you feel frozen, stuck, and like your dreams are out of reach…
  • Answers to your biggest questions about finding passion and purpose, overcoming your struggles in your relationships, career, parenting, and more…
  • How to have power over your everyday actions, live with more conviction, and design a life that is in perfect alignment with what makes you feel alive…
  • And so much more… but only if you sign up and show up!

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See For Yourself What Other Wild and Wise Women Around the World Are Saying About This Incredible Training and the Tools You’ll Discover Inside…

“Crystal reflection. You are so on it, both of you! Thank you Christa and Mel, you two women are great individually and together.”
~ Elizabeth

“I’m from Wales but listening in needed to hear this today..I just took action and hearing this is like an affirmation of my decision to just do it!”
~ Deborah

“Hello from New Zealand! (Its 1.30pm Tuesday here) You’re my newest and most awesome discovery Mel and I just love your stuff, particularly your style…straight up, no fluff. Love it – thank you! 54321 …its works! X”
~ Margi

“Thank you Mel Robbins – #5SecondRule for talking about my area of stuck-ness.
And thank you Christa!”

~ Natalie

“Thank god I found you guys whoo hoo”
~ Melissa

“I love 5 second rule…doesn’t give me a chance to talk myself out of it, to make excuses, to put up road blocks…. embracing my intuition, my passion, my life without allowing doubt to control my actions and my mind. If I listened to others then I will have allowed their fears and doubt to dictate the course of my life. Small steps, lead to big changes.”
~ Alison

“I have changed my outlook in less than a month after hearing about the 5 second rule. I’m living for me for the first time.”
~ Corey

“Keep being true to yourself – that’s all anyone can hope for or expect of you! Love what you’re doing and support you wholeheartedly!!! You’ve got a great thing going here, Christa, and I think I can safely speak for the other W3s in saying we are all so very grateful! Sending lots of love and light.”
~ Vicki

“Christa, You have changed my life!! Thank you!!
You gave me what I need!! You’re fabulous!!

~ Elizabeth

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