What DOES it all mean?

Divine One,
Who IS this woman who thinks she knows what it is to Unleash Your Wild???
Hi! I’m Bev Adamo and I am honored and exceedingly excited about being called by Divine Appointment to lead this extraordinary Community and Sisterhood of Wild and Wise Women! W3 was founded, created and lovingly nourished by my beloved friend, Christa Thompson, the Universe has called upon me to collaborate with Christa to continue to evolve this sacred circle of the most awakened and inspired, the most on-purpose and loving, women on the planet!

As to who I am….. it is my heart’s desire that each of you come to know the passion, wisdom, excitement, and BadAss warrior energy, and magic that I bring to W3. And, not to brag, but I happen to be smart too! (as evidenced by the blessing of collaborating with Christa and other heart-centered awesome women leaders). {wink wink}

I am here with my whole being and the biggest sense of gratitude ever!

I trust as we continue along this path of creativity and consciousness, that you will find your own heart, spirit, and mind feeling the tug of this mission we are all on…. each of us unleashing our wild and tapping into the resources that emerge as we are both Wild AND Wise!

So while this is short (and I hope you can feel the sweet love as well), please know that I live a transparent life, and that my invitation to YOU, beautiful woman, is to come along and help me continue to evolve and nurture what I believe to be the community and space for the most powerful and awake women in the Universe, to evolve and realize all of our hearts’ desires, while we heal and renew this planet!
We got this….. and each other!!

Love to you all,