Are YOU on the list this year?

Divine Soul,

Whether or not you celebrate a particular holiday this time of year,
there’s a ton of activity in our lives and around us.
Are you busy right now? I feel like I am!

Let’s take a lesson from Santa for a moment…

Imagine you have this really long list of people who need or want something…
from you…
this is where we pause…
I want to you take a moment…
before you even begin to give to others this month,
write your own name at the very top of the list!

You read that correctly.
I want you to write YOUR own name.
AT THE TOP of the list.

You might be thinking…
what can I give myself?
This month of ALL the months?
You have got to be kidding, Bev!
I am not.

You can give your OWN self so many things.
Purchased things.
Free things.
Borrowed things.

Solo activities…
Or with family…
Or even with friends.

massage, naps, and luxurious baths.
A trip to the doctor or a personal dental checkup…
moving and honoring your body via exercise (something FUN)…
what else??

What can you give yourself this month
that will support you in your own well-being….
so that then you are able to be fully present for others?

Maybe you want to give back WHILE giving to your OWN self?

What about the gift of Sisterhood?

If you are already a member of the Wild and Wise Sisterhood,
you know the gift you receive every three months….
is a love box full of handmade gifts that you can keep or give to others.

This particular gift also gives back…
Without you needing to do anything else!

W3 makes a donation of $15 per box (that’s unheard of in the subscription box world) back to the SETU Project….

Supporting women and children and the artisans who are lovingly creating these special items in each box.

Visit the Wild and Wise Sisterhood Website:

Sending you love this weekend.

Better Together,