Introducing Our New CEO

My beautiful W3,

This is a bittersweet email to write to all of you. Oh my gosh how I love you.

From the subject line you already know, I have decided to step away as CEO of all things Wild and Wise. This decision has been coming for awhile, and when the Universe aligned all the pieces so beautifully and with such divine timing and ease, I knew … NOW is the exact right time.

I began Wild and Wise Women in 2010 as purely a Facebook page. I’ve said it again and again, I was looking for a safe space to share and teach and learn through the journey I was on … and when I couldn’t find it – I created it.

That was one of the best decisions of my whole life. Since then we have had retreats, shared books in our book club, had Wild and Wise discussions in our discussion group, created a gift box subscription, created a corporate gift box division, had trainings with some of the best of the best, and … most important of all to me …

We’ve been a safe space for YOU to share and teach and learn through YOUR journey.

I am SO proud of this divine creation of Wild and Wise Women, and like I spoke about in my last email …. I also know it’s time for a new chapter for me. (and you) 🙂

So who will be the new leader at the helm of Wild and Wise? Well, the fabulous news is you already know her!  My friend, and one of the strongest, brightest, most kind and generous, most wild and wise women I know …

Beverly Adamo

I want you to get to know Bev, because I KNOW that as soon as you do you are going to love her as much as I do.

Does she have crazy qualifications, mad skills, exceptional accomplishments, and a life journey that many of us can relate to?


Is she certified in a number of different ways, including Masters degrees and coach certification?


Is she smart and brave and bold and wise and filled with love, grace, understanding and fun?


Bev is THE right choice to step in and lead Wild and Wise to new and exciting places and I know that you will show your support and love as she learns the ropes and gets to know you.

And me? Where am I going?  Not far. 🙂

I began Wild and Wise in my early 40’s (it’s never too late to begin) 🙂 and now as my 50’s approach I know deep in my soul that another layer of ME is emerging. And so I am taking the time and space to let that unveiling begin.

I am still consulting businesses on growth and revenue strategies, operational and marketing execution, and I currently have two of my favorite clients of all time. I will also be in an advisory role for Wild and Wise, and who knows what mischief Bev and I may conjure up together for you!

I am enjoying and loving my family and giving them more of me than I have in recent years, and …. I am enjoying and loving ME and giving me more of ME than I have in recent years. (haha that was a mouthful).

So with all of that my beautiful W3. Thank you.

Thank you thank you thank you. For these past 8 years, for your love and support, your excitement and honesty, for your emails and messages, your heart.

I will carry all of that with me – wherever I go.

With all my love.

You are SO loved,

PS. You can still reach me at [email protected] for a short bit – so feel free to send me a note if you’d like. If Wild and Wise has touched you, helped you, provided support or solace for you, helped you be more WILD or WISE … I’d love that final connection. xoxoxo