You are Loved When Nothing Seems Right

Good morning beautiful W3,

This morning I am preparing for a session – a breathing session with one of you – a wild and wise woman, and all the messages I’ve been receiving from you in my inbox, on FB, in messages,
began flooding my brain – and so I wanted to prepare this little mini-session for you today too.  I hope you like it.

Before you begin reading the words I have sent you below, take a deep cleansing breath. Now hear my voice saying these words in your ear …

You Are Loved. Most especially when nothing seems to be going “right”. 

When the anxiety over a preconceived “desired result” begins to creep into your skin and you can’t be still due to the alarming unease of it all.

In these moments dear one ~ you are loved.

In these moments I ask you to do that which you are so feverishly resisting.  Breathe ~

Close your eyes and focus on your breath. On your heartbeat. The soul of your … Self.

Clear your mind of the worry that is plaguing you. It won’t be easy. You may have to try again and again.

Perhaps a few minutes will be all you can manage until you must speak to your mind as if it were a toddler acting out from lack of sleep.

Speak to your mind with love W3 ~ with gentleness, with compassion and tell it kindly … to go and take a nap.

No more worry today.

In these moments, I will be with you. Right by your side. Loving you.

Lean on me. Together, we will begin again and again and again, as many times as you need.

To gently soothe your mind with a lullaby of love.  Letting it know that this anxiety and worry is behavior that will not be tolerated.  Not today.

And together, we will gently, lovingly, lead your mind back to a restful place. 

For me, I picture myself leaning over a balcony in the Tuscan sun, drinking in the landscape of open fields, lush vineyards, and olive groves. Inhaling it ~ as if it were a bouquet of the most fragrant flowers.

What do you picture W3? What beautiful sights and sounds and smells and feelings are you breathing in?

Hear the whisper.  It sounds a little something like this …

You Are Loved.

Believe it – even if just for a moment. Feel the love enter your heart.

Breathe ~

I hope that this is a little mini-session that you can use again and again when your mind feels restless and worry is present. I just felt that this was needed more than any other message I could send this morning – so I listened to THAT particular call.

You Are Loved,

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Photo by Azrul Aziz on Unsplash