Show Her Grace

Good morning beautiful W3,

I wanted to send you a short message to share something with you.

We have a brand new Meditation Kick-Start Guide available in our new home at:

If you haven’t accessed it yet, I want to personally invite you to click the link and download it for your Self. You will receive not only the Guide, but a separate Workbook AND calming coloring pages as well!

If you have already downloaded it … awesome! I know that hundreds of you have already come across it as you checked out the new site, so that of course makes me very happy!

Today is the perfect day to re-start or kick-start your meditation habit.

Also, I will be holding a follow-up class for all of those who have accessed the Guide, and also provide some further resources to support your meditation practice.

Please don’t worry if you find it challenging, if you can’t seem to quiet your mind yet, or if it seems just too hard.

I am here for you I promise.

Have a beautiful Soul-FILLED Day W3. Download the Meditation Guide, or if you have already – read it over again, and stay tuned for the follow-up class!

You Are Loved,

PS. SHARE THE LOVE! Please also share the Meditation Guide with other Wild and Wise Women you love and care about.  Just use the Share Buttons below. xo

Photo by Dingzeyu Li on Unsplash