When Later Never Comes

Good morning beautiful W3,

This post is a little longer this morning … a lot to cover. Bear with me.

Wildfires are burning in numerous parts of the world, and floods are causing chaos and damage in others. It’s a crazy time. An interesting time. And a time for Wild and Wise Women just like us to pay attention, to offer our energy and love, and to take steps to make a small (or large) impact wherever we can.

There’s nothing quite so impactful as a wildfire or a flood to make us pay attention to the “now” is there?  So first I want to say to every W3 out there who is impacted by “challenging world experiences” in any form …

You Are Loved

Reach out for support. Talk to us in the Facebook group and lean on us. Ask for what you need, and let us shower you with love and support. Also, so many of us don’t know how to help best. There are lists circulating I know, and organizations popping up BUT it’s difficult to know truly where to turn. I get that.

So if we can offer safe space in the Discussion group for reliable information, I would love to provide that. Please make sure that the information you offer is accurate and provided with responsible energy. 🙂

And all of that brings us to what I wanted to talk about today. It actually came up as I am involved in the Wild and Wise Book Club (you can still join if you haven’t already) 🙂 reading Women Who Run With the Wolves and a quote struck me.

“Later, I’ll do that dance, planting, hugging, finding, planning, learning, peace-making, cleansing … later.” ~ Traps, all.  ~ Clarissa Pinkola Estès

And it brought to mind immediately my friend Pam, and I knew I needed to share her with you.

I had a friend. A good friend. One I admired and respected and loved, who worked very hard and had worked very hard for a long time. She had built businesses, employed many people, contributed to the economy and community in big ways in each of the town’s her businesses called home.

In March of 2008, at her 60th birthday celebration organized by her employees, over cake after pinata bashing (which did or didn’t result in an employee being confused for a pinata once or twice) she quietly advised us all … we were on our own.

It was her turn.

Now, she wasn’t walking away or deserting the teams. She was merely saying, this is my year.

She told us, “I have worked hard, and now I’m 60 and it’s time for my reward. I want to relax more, and skydive, and travel. And so I need all of you to keep doing what you do … while I go play. I’ve deserved it don’t you think?

All of this with the trademark twinkle in her eye, a laugh and love with this family she created in her business. And we were completely on board! Supported it 1000%!

That was March 2008.

June 2008 my friend passed away from pancreatic cancer.

There was no skydiving, travel, rest or play. The year she had waited for, that she had gifted herself with, was taken from her in a most cruel kind of way.

I am not telling you this story to make you sad. Quite the opposite actually. I am telling you this story to light a fire under your behind!!

You Can’t Count on Later W3!  None of us can.

So let’s start living that “Year That You Deserve” NOW.

What’s on the list?

Now I know that many of you are consumed with concern and even daily survival if you are living in places that are having “challenging world experiences”. I understand. I do.

And I will still say … take a moment. Take a moment to dream about, think about, FEEL what the “Year That You Deserve” (really LIFE that you deserve, but let’s start smaller for the moment) could be.

Heck! Start with the day you deserve or the HOUR you deserve if we need to start there. I’m good with wherever you want to start. But START W3. A dream life starts with the dream.

Let’s learn from Pam. She would want us to. She’s laughing at me right this second (I feel her energy near me often), challenging me to walk my talk … and you can be darned sure I am! I am crafting up my best year / life W3. Let’s do it together. And let’s put it into action.

Passion takes action. 

Oh, and one other small detail. When you start to think, act, FEEL the feelings that your best hour, year, life will give you. You send out an energy that the Universe picks and lobs back to you with MORE reasons and opportunities to feel that way! Yep, that old Law of Attraction thing.

You Are SO Loved,

PS. One of the actions you can take is to sign up for the Wild and Wise Meditation for Peace event.  It is a 24 hour event (so that you can participate no matter where in the world you live) on Sunday, October 29.  The request. It’s a small one.

Take 10-15 minutes any time that day and commit to meditating and focusing all of your thoughts and energy toward peace. Peace in your home, in your community, in your school, in the world. Each concentrated focus combines and builds upon the other.  It contributes … I promise you and is a small step you can take to help.

PPS. I know that I say Passion Takes Action alot, and it does … after the internal work has begun … but living your best life, a life of passion, also takes courage. And we are going to be spending some time with Mel Robbins again this month as she has more to share on this subject, which is one of her specialties!  If you haven’t checked out our first event together – Wake Up Your Life – do so. Mel is amazing and a no-fluff, straight-up, wild and wise speaker and teacher.

Photo by Jez Timms on Unsplash