Lost Is How We Find Ourselves

Good morning beautiful W3,

I wanted to talk to you all about something that came up in the FB live, and that comes up alot in my coaching sessions.  

Feeling Lost.

So many of us have felt completely lost, one time or another in our lives.  And that “lost” leaves us confused, afraid, without hope, numb … you get the idea. 

Here’s the one thing I want today’s email to do for you W3 … I want you to FEEL IT like a poke in the middle of your forehead. (A gentle poke, but a poke nonetheless).

I don’t mind at ALL that you feel lost. Because lost is how we find our Selves.

I don’t mind at ALL that you feel confused. Because lost is how we find our way “There”.

I don’t mind that you feel afraid or even numb. Because lost is how we our find our way Back.

Wait … that sounds confusing Christa.  How can we find our way “there” and “back” all at once. That doesn’t make sense.

I promise you it does.

Did you notice there was one descriptor I wasn’t ok with?  Hopeless.  Yea, I’m not ok with that.

I want you to walk through this with me. I want you to picture yourself deep in the forest. You are alone. You have the basic necessities … water, a granola bar, some fruit. You won’t starve.

But you’re lost. You have no clue where you are, or how you got there.

You know what you do if you decide to be without hope?  You sit your butt on the forest floor and give up.

You drink your water, you eat your granola bar, and you don’t move. A day or two goes by … bugs are exploring this new addition to their environment, (I mean you – you are the addition and they’ve started to crawl).  You haven’t moved.

You’re thirsty, you’re hungry, the urgency of your needs have escalated … because you still haven’t moved.  It feels like the forest is closing in on you – are the trees getting closer? What was that noise? Your behind is numb from sitting so long … your feet are asleep.

Now your confusion and fear are also escalating. And as your confusion and fear escalate … so does the feeling of hopelessness.

It’s a toxic circle.

Now … let’s paint a different scenario.

Same story – you are lost, and alone, deep in the forest.

You take a deep breath … and you look around.

You look up, searching for the light – there is always direction in the light. 🙂

You look inside – how hungry or thirsty are you really? For you may need your supplies to last awhile.

You begin to walk … taking very careful notice of where you are and the landmarks you want to remember. That tree with the large burnt mark, the rock that looks like a lion … all of it you store in your memory in case you pass this way again … you will know which way to turn.

You look DEEPER inside. You are scared. So you ask yourself … “my love, what are you so afraid of?”  And in the quiet of being lost … you can hear the whisper of an answer that comes back to you.

You have the time to unravel that fear bit by bit, story by story, because you are just finding your way. There is no destination except “there”. No tasks except to get “there” safely.  No distractions except to pay close attention to where you have “been”.

You have been walking a long time, you are FEELING your body in ways you haven’t in a long long time. Your feet are tingling, your eyes are tired, your skin is hot, your leg is itchy …

You still look DEEPER.  Deeper into the light for clarity and direction.  Deeper into the forest for next steps. Deeper into your Self for answers to your questions.

And as you do this, you are being more and more “un-lost” by the second.

You are being found. By YOU.

Now luckily you are not lost deep in the forest. But you may be feeling lost in your own life. That’s ok … it’s just for a minute.

It’s ok to feel lost, to feel confused, to feel afraid and numb.  It’s NOT ok to feel hopeless. THAT I want to remove from the experience.

For with hope, you will look for the light. With hope, you will take another step toward clarity and direction. With hope you will begin to FEEL again.

With hope you will find your way.

Here’s to taking new steps as we all … find our way. xo

You, my beautiful W3 are SO Loved,

PS. As a result of the Facebook Live I have had requests for coaching sessions. I am not promoting at this time however, if you are really wanting to connect in this way I will do my best to find time in my schedule for you. I will just need you to be patient with me as we are booking into August at this time. 

PPS. We have extended the Wild and Wise Summer Book Club. We have extended the reading schedule and are now discussing one chapter per week which will take us into October! This is exciting as I’ve always said, your experience is my highest priority – and W3 were finding it challenging to balance “summer” and the book club, despite all our best intentions.

No problem. No need for any stress or pressure … we just adapt and adjust! So, if you haven’t joined the book club yet, but wanted to. If you thought you were too late … you weren’t. 🙂 Now’s your chance. Head over to the book club registration and join us!

Photo by John Mark Arnold on Unsplash