My Favorite Question During FB Live

Good morning beautiful W3,

My family and I were at the Wild and Wise Retreat House this month. It soothes my soul to be here, and my body AND soul has requested some soothing lately. 🙂

I’m quiet here.  Sleeping more.  Life is simple(r) here.  I love quiet. I love simple. I am thankful always for sleep. If I could stay forever I probably would; so, I am savoring every moment.

I am hoping you were able to join us for the Facebook Live we did last week on Finding Your Purpose, Your Passion, Your Self.  If you missed the live session, you can still catch it HERE before we remove it from the Facebook page.

During the hour one of my favorite questions was asked.

“Christa, what are your credentials?”

I LOVE this question! Because I think it is important.  

And I encourage you to be bold and ask it as well when you are in any kind of a student role, or being guided in any sort of “formal” way.

This is probably more important than ever with accessibility so wide open – anyone with a web cam and a microphone can begin teaching / preaching on a topic as an “expert”.

And no, I do not refer to myself as an expert, or a master, or a guru, or any of those other “weird” words lol.

But truly, who AM I to be sharing strategies on finding your purpose, or your passion, or your Self? (just to keep it relevant to the FB live session in this moment). 

So let me introduce myself just a little.

  • I am a Certified Dream Coach.  
  • I have completed over 8,000+ hours of coaching during my career so far. 
  • I am also a Certified Human Resources Practitioner.  
  • I am a voracious reader, having read thousands of books in the area of self-development, personal development, etc., 
  • I have learned at the grace of Mentors and Teachers who ARE brilliant Leaders and exceptional and gifted at their craft.
  • I have been honored to be chosen as a Transformation Touchpoint™” (a phrase I like so much better than Life Coach”)  to influencers at the top of their industry who are seeking more meaning, more significance, more purpose, more joy in their lives to match the career and financial success they are experiencing.
  • I am a student. I have, and continue to do my work

My pet peeve? Those offering to teach, guide, and share BEFORE they have done their work. And they aren’t always easy to pick out of a crowd, but it usually shows up in not-so-subtle ways along the journey. 

Never be afraid to ask this question W3. 

I have more I can share with you about my “credentials” and experience, and I’m happy to at any time. It does not insult me or offend me. And anyone that it does … well, maybe that’s a red flag to pay attention to I don’t know.

Who do you maybe need to check in with to request more information about their credentials? We all usually have someone we are depending on for their wisdom, their expertise, their skills.

Your time is valuable. Your energy is priceless.

That alone are reasons enough to be bold and request any information you need. Add to that any financial investment you might be making and it just raised the stakes a little bit more.

A financial investment isn’t the most important investment to be sure, but it is often the one we place the most significance on, and that we measure our the experience by.

So that’s my invitation to you today W3. You’ve been hearing a whisper, you’ve felt it in your gut. Somewhere in your world you need to ask a question. Be bold. The answers you receive might make your whole day!  I am right here with you.

You Are Loved,

PS. We are thrilled to have over 400 members in the Wild and Wise Summer Book Club, and we welcomed over 100 new members to the W3 Facebook Community! How exciting! I absolutely LOVE connecting with you in these groups and look forward to more of you coming over to say hi and join the fun!

Photo by Anna Demianenko on Unsplash