What Could Be The Last Words You Hear?

Good morning beautiful W3,

Here’s a little fun fact about me … I despise role play. You know those ice-breaker games at conferences and corporate events? Despise those too. And so when you saw the subject line of today’s email you maybe thought that’s what this was going to be about. Believe me, it’s not.

I get a lot of email from all of you, and I love it! I admit, it can take me awhile to respond and so I appreciate your patience, but I do read every one, and respond to every one that it is appropriate to respond to. Don’t stop writing!

In one of those emails, in response to my message: This Got Me Riled Up a wild and wise woman told me a story. The story went a little bit like this:

“I had a friend who was in the hospital. She was very sick, perhaps dying. She had many debilitating conditions and was on many medications, which distorted her body causing obesity and other symptoms and reactions that made it easy to judge her. She was so so lovely – my friend! While she was in the hospital, one of the nurses tending her remarked to the other “She is SO ugly. Now, I know the unbelievable care the nurses give to their patients. I know how hard they work, and how much they sacrifice. It is a role I do not believe I could do honestly … and I bless them every day. My friend did not pass away that day. But it still breaks my heart to think that if she had, those words – words from another woman, from a sister, from someone just having a bad day, could have been the last words she ever heard.”

Now, neither my wild and wise friend who wrote this to me or I believe this was a malice-filled act to intentionally harm. It wasn’t “un-intentional” (that’s a topic for another day) but I do believe it was unconscious.

We ALL have unconscious moments, don’t we?

Times when we speak without pause, comment without thought, judge and label without kindness. When we trust the people we are with enough to leave all filters off and say whatever we might be thinking – if only fleetingly.

What if those words you speak in those moments ARE the last words the person you are with ever hears? Would you choose those words?

What if those the words you speak in those moments are the last words YOU hear? The last words that pass your lips?

Would you choose those words?

What if the person you are speaking of were standing right behind you, if you imagined them there every time you were tempted to speak of them? Would you be ok with what they heard you say? (Personally, I used that visualization often to break the habit of negative speaking – works really well).

We are creatures of habit. Deeply ingrained habits reinforced by years – even decades of repetition. So we need strategies – tricks – hacks (whatever you want to call them) to create new habits. It’s really that simple. (Not easy now W3 … but it can be simple).

So if these visualizations help you to stay conscious in our unconscious speaking moments or remind you to be thoughtful with your words (which we all know carry energy and immense power) then I am happy on this Wild and Wise Soul-FULL day.

It takes courage to make changes in our lives.

It takes bravery to step out from habit and routine and insist on a new way for our lives. Even the smallest baby step is progress … and you know me – I’m a BIG believer in the wild and wise butterfly effect.

Your baby step, and my baby step, combined with everyone’s baby step – result in great energy shifts – great change.

The combined energy is powerful. That’s another reason I am so excited about the Wild and Wise Sisterhood Gift Box – The Gift Box That Gives Back.

I know what I would want the last words to be that passed my lips W3 – and the last words I would want you to hear from me. It’s so easy.

You Are Loved.

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