I Want You To Stop … Even Just For A Moment

Good morning beautiful W3,

It is a beautiful Sunday morning as I sit out on the deck in the sun, listening to the dog across the street howl persistently and incessantly.

His humans have left – I assume for the morning or the day … the usual type of human behavior nothing neglectful or unkind. And he has another canine companion, a huge property, shelter, etc. He’s a well cared for dog.

He is howling because he misses his humans is my best guess. Maybe he thinks they are lost … and is calling them home – like wolves are known to do.

Maybe … just maybe … it is the Universe calling.

In a voice louder than a whisper (that we can sometimes dismiss), repeating over and over so I have to pay attention.

Really, when a dog is howling you have no choice if you are in hearing range but to focus on that sound – at least until your mind has heard it enough to become numb to it and tune it out.

We do that as humans. Become numb quickly.

To sounds, to sights, to experiences, to our life.

It’s how we avoid pain, discomfort, really any emotion or feeling at all. It’s how we sustain through undesirable circumstances, and how we avoid having to be accountable … for anything … (including our life).

Being numb is how we also continue destructive behaviors, addictive behaviors. And when we are numb, the Universe has to turn up the volume to snap us out of our trance and wake us UP.

Being wild and wise is about a lot of things.

Some of which include FEELING alive. Hearing the call. Acknowledging and heeding the call. Waking up. Stepping into our power. Knowing our Selves and living boldly. Being untamed by society’s demands and standing for and by each other and what we believe in. Using our voice and reaching back.

Rising up.

Today on this beautiful Soul-FULL Sunday W3 I want you to be kind to yourself. I want you to stop pushing, and driving, and striving and demanding of your Self. Just for a few minutes.

Instead, I want you to be kind and compassionate, gentle and caring of your Self, and to let yourself breathe and rest. It is in this space that YOU will hear the whisper.

And one more thing. Today I want you to feel …. something …. anything at all. For many of us, we have been spoilt by our standard of living. We have hot water, shelter, food, clothes, and shoes.

So for just a moment, step outside in your bare feet. Feel the grass, the soil, the pebbles, the concrete. Feel the temperature and the energy through the soles of your feet and BREATHE.

Place your hands under running water, letting it get cold – maybe uncomfortably so. Just feel it and let your cells and skin wake UP.

Be that present for just a moment or two. Drive your car with all the windows down to feel the wind rushing through, hold someone you love close, feel your animals as they breathe beside you.

I know that the message you receive from a lot of others in your inbox is not usually this. It is Go-Go-Go!

Do more, do it better, be more, be better, have more, have better things, look better, on and on.

My message this morning is … my beautiful W3 … that I want you to feel MORE, and FEEL better. Even just for a minute or two.

The feeling is the gateway to so much. Waking up out of numbness. Living and loving your life. I want this for you W3 and am here … with you … to walk you there.

You Are Loved,