You Are Perfect

Good morning beautiful W3,

I wanted to send you a short message to remind you of something VERY important.

I Love You ~ Every Single Perfect Part of You.

You know when I say to you “You Are Loved xo”, I do mean every little bit of you.

From the big toe on your left foot that you think is too big ~ to the ends of your hair lightened by the sun.

Yes, the wiggly bits (I probably love them most), and those gorgeous laugh lines as your eyes sparkle with joy.

Yes, I love you in your less-than-perfectly-behaved moments ~ when you roll your eyes at family dinner or cry over a thoughtless remark that touches a wound from so long ago.

I love you when you can’t sleep, and keep company with a bag of oreos, and equally when you take an afternoon nap just because.

I love you when you are running toward the finish line, and I love you when you are limping along ~ nursing an old injury that’s flared up.  (Literally and metaphorically).

You see, my darling one … I just love every bit of you ~ every emotion, every thought ~ every single perfect detail about you.

I love to lay my eyes on you because You are beautiful.  Yes!  You ARE Beautiful Don’t argue with me now.

Your energy and light shine all around you.

I love you ~ you silly (as my son used to say with his wide open heart) …

And that kinda love ~ just never goes away.

Guess you’re stuck with me.

You Are Loved,

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Be the wild and wise woman you are and make this YOUR gift to yourself this year. YOUR Best Life!

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