look for a miracle

5 Minutes From A Miracle

Good morning beautiful W3,

I have three words for you on this gorgeous morning.

Don’t. Give. Up.

I know there are hard moments.  Believe me … I do.  

I myself have been in the “give up” place more times than I care to admit in these last few weeks as we are building multiple projects at once (yes, I do that … ‘let’s add this! oh … they would love this! oh I SO want to give them this too!’ lol …)

And you know what I do when I am in that overwhelm, frustrated, up to my eyelashes in “stuff” space?

I call my Coach.

Yes, I have a Coach.  And no, this isn’t an email to sell you a coaching package. 

Part of the role of my Coach (because yes, as my own coaching clients know, we outline right at the beginning what is the outcome desired and how do you need to be coached.) is to help me see the forest for the trees so to speak …

To point the beam of light where it needs to be with all I have going on, and to take off my plate those things that are muddying up the water. And also …

She calms my ruffled feathers when I’m feeling like I’m falling further behind than I am moving ahead and these are her words to me ..

Don’t Give Up 5 Minutes Before The Miracle.

And so I am sharing them with you.  No matter what is going on in your world, just keep showing up and don’t give up. 

I know some of you are feeling overwhelmed by the depth of the Wild and Wise Summer Book Club selection: Women Who Run With the Wolves … and I say to you I truly don’t care what page you end up on at which part of the summer … please just keep showing up because the experience will unfold as its’ meant to.

YOU may bring something so incredibly meaningful that hadn’t been considered yet just because you spent an extra week in the introduction, or on a particular section. The book club isn’t about speed, it just isn’t.

(and remember, the book club is free so if you haven’t joined us yet, come and check us out we have nearly 300 Wild and Wise Women registered now!)

I’ve heard from some of you that you will wait for the recording of our Wild and Wise Live event, because you are anxious about pressure to “participate” in the chat.  

I want you to know that your energy on the call, just by being there live and listening, even if you never utter a peep MATTERS.  You become part of a collective heartbeat and it contributes to the experience, I promise you and there is no obligation to type or say a word. 

Maybe you are overwhelmed by starting a new business, or a new family member, or existing family members, or your current job, or any combination of all the roles and tasks we manage day to day. 

Don’t give up. Take a rest. Take a break. Take one small baby step. Step back and assess what you need to take a new step. Ask for help. But …. keep showing up, and don’t give up.

You … my beautiful W3 are just like me …. 5 Minutes from the Miracle.

And there is no-one I would rather be sharing miracle-making with than all of you.

If I can help in any way, please don’t hesitate to reach out. I know it sometimes can take some time for me to get to you for a personal reply … but I do. You matter to me.

You Are Loved,

Photo by Eli DeFaria on Unsplash