Wild and Wise YOU

She’s A Professional What?

Good morning beautiful W3,

I have something very special to share with you today.  It’s an exclusive sneak peek at a Wild and Wise Spotlight.  These are the one-on-one interview sessions we are filming for Wild and Wise YOU our upcoming membership site!

These sessions will introduce you to incredible Wild and Wise Women from around the world who are living passion-filled lives.  Women who heard their soul-call whisper to them, and rather than dismiss it, or listen to others who told them they were crazy … persevered.

And are now living lives that they are excited to wake up for every day and wouldn’t trade for anything!

So this is the full-length interview of one of our special guests! This is very special, and I hope you will take the time throughout this holiday weekend to find a quiet space to watch it. Share it with your children and family, as there are aha moments and lessons that are unforgettable and universal.

Once we launch, you will have access to ALL of the interviews, as well as training classes, and so much more … but right now I just want to introduce you to …

Michelle Roberts (or Merchelle as she is known in the underwater world)

and she is ….

A Professional Mermaid!


Yes, that’s right. A Professional Mermaid! Now, I KNOW there are more than a few of us within the Wild and Wise community who have dreamed of being a mermaid – if only for a moment.

With all that they represent … wildness, untamed, freedom, living in alignment with nature, and let’s not forget the singing because it always seems that mermaids also have lovely singing voices (as does Michelle, so you’ll have to watch the interview to get a taste!)

So, on this soul-filled Sunday I wanted to “break all the rules” (which I do alot actually) – and give you not only a teaser of the interview, not only a snippet … because this entire interview is FILLED with highlights and instances where Michelle heard her soul call … and she listened.

I hope you enjoy it, there will be much more where this came from! A little inspiration on this Wild and Wise Soul-Filled Sunday. A gift (I do so love to give gifts!) from me (and Michelle) to you.

You Are Loved,

PSHere’s that link one more time. This interview will only be live for a limited time so do find the time to watch and listen.  We can all learn a little something from a professional mermaid can’t we? 😉  (also, there will be captions for all our videos, we just haven’t completed that detail yet, it will be there for the launch I promise!)