We Have To Look Back To Move Forward

We Have To Look Back To Move Forward

Good morning beautiful W3,

I’m going to dive right into this topic today, because you TRULY let me know what was on your minds by filling out the survey this weekend (Thank you for that!!) I know that popular inspirational advice / personal development ‘speak’ these days is: Don’t look back, that’s not the direction you are going.

I understand the motivation behind it, I truly do. But I believe strongly that if we are looking to make lasting change, if we are looking to forge a new path, if we are wanting to create a new experience 

We MUST examine where we’ve been and the decisions we made that led us there – in order to know where we want to go. 

I mean imagine if you decided you wanted to leave the town that you lived in. You just knew it wasn’t “home” for you anymore, and you wanted to begin a new life in a different location.

You packed up your car with your possessions, got behind the wheel, and … at the end of the day found yourself right back in front of the very house you left.  Alright, that happens … no problem we’ll start out again in the morning.

Bright and early you get back into your car, excited for the journey and the new destination you are imagining!

But, you are not paying any attention to the twists and turns, the right and left turns, the detours or roundabouts that you were on yesterday.

You are following your best instincts, the habits that are deeply ingrained in your mind (you know how that is … how many times have you driven home from the grocery store with your mind a million miles away … arriving with no recollection of the drive home! We’ve all done it.)

And what happens?  You guessed it … night is falling, you are exhausted and …

You are right back where you started.

We all have patterns and habits in our lives that are nearly unconscious by now.  They are tracks that have been laid miles deep with repetition.

We can NOT change something we do not acknowledge. 

And again my beautiful W3, this does not have to be a painful digging into raw wounds of our past. This is not about guilt, or shame, or blame, or even that anything that was done or decided in the past was wrong!

This isn’t about judging or labeling or picking experiences apart endlessly.

THIS is purely about identifying, acknowledging and bringing our own actions, feelings, beliefs, decisions, outcomes into the light so we can turn them around like the beautiful diamonds they are to see the different angles.  (The light is a pretty place to be!) 😉

And then, with the knowledge of our past travels … we can easily decide on a new route … a new route that will take us to our new destination.  Heck, we can even take a more scenic route, or the superhighway depending on our desires!

You get to design it. You truly do.

But … we must look at where we’ve been to know where we want (and don’t want) to go.

It doesn’t have to be scary. We can do it together. It’s one of the first steps when you work with me – I keep it simple … it’s an ABCD formula.

That … what we just talked about … that’s A. A for accountability. I know you can do this W3 and I’m right here with you.

Want to make a change in an area of your life? Look at where you are.

What do you love about it? What do you want to change? How did you get here, what did you allow, or what did you resist that contributed to this outcome? What turns did you take and what road signs do you need to look for next time? 🙂

You Are Loved,

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I want to help YOU forge a new path if that is your desire. 
Photo by Sunset Girl on Unsplash