Take 5 With My Soul Sister Mel Robbins!

Good morning beautiful W3,

We all need “sisters” in our life. They come from all kinds of different places and serve all kinds of different roles. I am blessed to have Mel Robbins as one of mine.

Mel IS a #1 Bestselling Author, and a CNN commentator. She was a lawyer, and her Tedx talk has had over 10 million views. She is the most booked motivational speaker in the world and is a powerhouse with two 7 figure companies.

None of those things are the reasons I love her. She is good and kind and true and honest and direct and smart AND firmly in my corner (all important components of a soul sister).

Today in Mel’s weekly “Take 5 With Mel” she shared OUR Wild and Wise Sisterhood gift box. She didn’t have to do that. She did it because she thinks it’s awesome, and wanted to share it with her tribe – just like I share all the awesome things I love with you.

In honor, I am going to share Mel’s entire email with you, and hope you consider subscribing to receive your own weekly “Take 5 with Mel”, and take advantage of the extension to receive the first Wild and Wise Sisterhood gift box in time for the holidays.

Here’s Mel!!! xoxo

Happy Thursday!

Here are 5 things I want to share with you today:

1. This week’s video:

In this week’s video, I share a philosophy that’s made a big difference for me: You are not the problem. How you do things is.While it’s great to try on what the experts do, you really have to figure out who YOU are and what works well for you at this time and place in your life. If you’re feeling depleted, start focusing on your strengths.Remember, YOU are you for a reason.Click to view the video:

2. Favorite song of the week:

Almost Like Praying I stopped myself yesterday afternoon and thought about how, just in that one day, I had taken a shower, used a blow dryer, opened my fridge, turned on my oven, and charged my phone.All things that most people in Puerto Rico still cannot do and may not be able to do for months. Lin-Manuel Miranda, creator of the musical Hamilton, came up with the idea for this song in the middle of the night and 5-4-3-2-1 called all the artists he knew and turned it into a fundraiser. Have a listen. Easiest $1.29 to make a difference this week.

3. Favorite smoothie of the month:

Chocolate Peanut Butter BananaThere’s this smoothie place near my spin class where I often swing by after in my hot, sweaty, state of a mess. Usually, I pick up something green because I can’t always fit enough veggies into my day and a smoothie is a great way to do that.But this week I was craving dessert in a cup…and found it, similar to this recipe. This will be my go-to for this month when I’m craving something sweet.

4. Coolest study this month:

Human Brain WasteYou probably already know what a geek I am about neuroscience and research about how the brain impacts our behavior.This study is pretty big, because it’s the first to show that humans have a brain waste-removal system.In 2015, scientists learned that the fluid that a mice’s brain rests in during the day flushed their brains while they slept, removing plaques. Now it looks like human brains work in a similar way, which makes sleep extra important.YES, get up when your alarm goes off the first time, but make sure you’re getting to bed early enough so you sleep for 7-8 hours every night.

5. Most meaningful unboxing:

The Wild and Wise Sisterhood Box. Last month I was sent this subscription box from The Wild and Wise Sisterhood and I gotta tell you…I was blown away.Well, I don’t have to tell you. You can watch the unboxing by clicking here.When I give gifts, I want them to be meaningful. I don’t care if I’m sharing a hand-written note or homemade trail mix, I feel a whole lot better giving something that I know came from my heart.Research continues to show that giving makes us feel better.So to know I can empower artisans and their children around the world with this gift feels good.We all deserve to feel empowered, and when we do, the world gets better.Wild and Wise agreed to postpone fall shipments just for us–so we can get our orders in for pre-holiday delivery. Order by Sunday if you want in!Thanks for reading this today. And remember: if you have the courage to start, you have the courage to succeed.