The Wild and Wise Workshops

Good morning beautiful W3,

I am really excited because today I am talking to two of our potential guests for our first Wild and Wise Workshop in November.

We have nailed down the platform and I love it! We are going to be together for up to 3+ hours with each workshop W3, and we will be talking to YOU.

Yes! We are going to be speaking with Wild and Wise Women just like you who have overcome obstacles, who have achieved a BAHD (big, hairy audacious goal), who have made a dream come true, who are living an “out of the box” life …

AND we are going to be speaking with Wild and Wise Women just like you who need our help. Women who just can’t seem to break past what is holding them back this moment, who have been betrayed, who can’t forgive, who want to break free and live a bigger life, a bolder life, a more passion-fueled life …

AND we are going to be speaking with “experts” who can help us take next steps, who have proven strategies for success, who share what they’ve learned on their journey and provide the short-cuts so that you don’t have to make the same mistakes or take the long road…

AND there will be Q&A so that everyone can take part in the discussion too!

We will be holding these Wild and Wise Workshops every single month for everyone who has subscribed to the Wild and Wise Sisterhood. It is the bonus we added just for you!

It’s true, these workshops are not the free pieces of training that we hold periodically W3, but let’s break down the math just for fun.

  • $99 every three months. ($89 when you first join with the $10 off promo code). That’s $33 per month.
  • For a three hour workshop, that’s $11 per hour PLUS you receive the replay to watch and re-watch anytime. If you can find a similar opportunity anywhere I will eat my socks!
  • You ALSO get the Wild and Wise Sisterhood gift box delivered to your door every three months filled with handcrafted gifts for you … no extra charge!  Just a little delight to remind you of how awesome you are … no one receives enough gifts these days right?!

Why do we do this? Because we LOVE offering you the most amazing opportunities AND here’s another thing. Our vision is to strengthen the human connection. We live in an isolated society and Wild and Wise Women and Wild and Wise Sisterhood want to provide more and more ways for us to connect, share, and know that YOU are loved.

So what are some of the topics on the docket?

  • What To Do When A Loved One Passes Away – How Do We Carry On?
  • How To Let Go Of The Things (People, Memories, Stuff) That Are Holding You Back.
  • How To Find Peace With Your Money And Attract More Of It.
  • The Law of Attraction – Broken Down So Anyone Can Understand It And Put It To Work.
  • Love – How To Find It, Get It, Keep It, Sustain It, and Make It Grow.
  • Bringing Passion and Joy Back Into Your Life … Every Day.

What do YOU Want to talk about W3?

What do you want to finally get handled in your own life?

What door do you want to finally unlock once and for all?

AND if you want to be a guest … whether an “expert”, a W3 with a story of inspiration to share, a W3 who needs our help … write to us at [email protected] with your information and if you are a fit for an upcoming workshop we will be in touch!

Wild and Wise Workshops … as Martha Stewart would say … “It’s a good thing.”

You Are Loved,

PS. If you want to get in on November’s workshop AND receive the first gift box to your door, time is running out … truly, because we have to get everything sorted and the boxes in the mail!  So order yours this WEEK! Live group coaching in a strategic workshop setting … $11 an hour.

PPS. Want to earn your subscription? Remember, if you have a company you could recommend that could be interested in our Wild and Wise Corporate Gift Boxes reach out to us at [email protected].  If your referral places an order you will be eligible for a Thank You prize of your choosing based on that order. Write to us for details!