Pledge #3 – Provide A Safe Space

Good morning beautiful W3,

I hope that you found that Pledge #2 helped inspire you to make a small (or large) shift or two in your world. It is a biggie that is for sure.

What was Pledge #2 again?

I, ____________________________, commit to inspiring change in our world by refusing to say negative or hurtful things, or behave in negative or hurtful ways, to my Self or to other women.

This is one of the biggest shifts W3 and can be one of THE hardest habits to break. Why? Because we’ve been doing it for so long! From our earliest years we are “taught” to tear ourselves and others down.

Often, we don’t even realize that is what we are doing … it’s such an ingrained habit. It is a tactic we have utilized to create alliances (and break them), choose teams (and reject them), divide and conquer and maintain a sense of “power” through exclusion.

And we don’t only do this to others … we do it to ourselves too! We “talk” to ourselves and act out upon ourselves in destructive ways and letting the voice inside our heads play an endless loop on what’s “wrong” with us. NO MORE!

All together we are putting that “mean girl” to bed for a long long LONG nap. She needs it wouldn’t you say … she’s been cranky for a LONG time.

And let’s just address something for a second on this topic.

It takes great courage to make this shift.

We are walking against the tide, taking a stand potentially that will make others uncomfortable in our current circles.

We are demanding a higher standard of thought and behavior from ourselves and that WILL spread to others. We will require it.

So take these baby steps W3. It makes a difference in your world and THE world. Imagine a whole WORLD who refused to say or behave negatively towards others? I could happen …

What were your experiences so far with Pledge #2 W3? Tell us about them! Let’s support and help each other as we pledge to inspire change! (Just in case you haven’t downloaded the “10 Ways to Inspire Change Guidebook” yet, go ahead and do so now!

Now … on to the third pledge!

This builds perfectly on top of the first and second pledges. The first was a baby step … “I commit to being more ….” The second goes one step further “I refuse ….” Now …

I, ____________________________, commit to inspiring change in our world by providing safe space with my thoughts, feelings, actions and beliefs for my Self and other women.

This pledge couldn’t have come at a more perfect time with all that is going on in the world in my opinion. There is a lot of passion in people’s hearts around dissenting opinions, thoughts, and beliefs.

We don’t have to agree with each other on everything W3. Goodness knows I have my own passionate thoughts, feelings and beliefs. But one thing I know for SURE is that unless we can provide safe space for the discussion … we never move forward.

Safe space, by the way, is a respectful space. It is a kind, compassionate, seeking to understand, agree to disagree, kind of space. A space where being provocative, negative, and loud voices looking only to overpower is not welcome.

It is a space where there is room for everyone’s words and no words at all. It is a peace-filled space and a space with respectful boundaries and for asking questions AND providing answers.

It is a space to listen – in order to be heard. A space of inclusion and calm. It is safe space filled by the energy WE bring and expect in return.

These are not “easy” pledges W3. I know this. They may sound simple in theory, but to put them into action in our lives, with consistency requires fortitude and strength, courage and confidence. And I believe you can!!

Take small steps. Take small bites. Make one small shift that you can then build upon. Ask your friends to take the pledge with you and together you can lean and support each other. Your energy combined makes your small steps into giant steps and leaps and bounds!

I, ____________________________, commit to inspiring change in our world by providng safe
space with my thoughts, feelings, actions and beliefs for my Self and other women.

Copy this statement W3. Insert your name and post it on your favorite social media platform with the hashtag #ITookThePledge (so we can find it!). Post it on our W3 FB Page, in the W3 FB Group, on the Sisterhood Facebook Page, on Instagram, Pinterest or Twitter if those are your go-to’s. Post a selfie along with it – we LOVE to see your face!!

I am ready to take this pledge W3. I hope you will join me. We have had a lot of W3 share these pledges with their friends and groups as well. We welcome everyone! The more the merrier!

You Are Loved,

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