Clean Up The Muck

Good morning beautiful W3,

I have to just jump right into this email with “It is TIME to clean up the MUCK!”

Whether it is what you are letting IN to your life, or what is coming FROM your life (in words, thoughts, actions, feelings, behaviors, outcomes) it’s time to take a baby step to cleaning things up.

And here’s what I know. Cleaning up one corner … allows us to clean up all the corners that are niggling at us.

Do you have places and spaces in your world you would like to clean up?

Maybe physical ones … like that junk drawer in the kitchen or that closet in the spare bedroom.

Maybe digital ones … like your junk mail folder OR the junk that sneaks into your inbox!

Maybe a behavior that you are “done with” but just haven’t drawn that line in the sand, or the negative tape that plays in your head on repeat … we have GOT to be done with THAT!

You know me W3 … baby steps. So I want us to just pick one to start.  Let’s build on the momentum of completing just one “clean-up” together and I promise you … it’s incredible what results you could see!

This ties in beautifully with the pledge as well, in the “10 Ways to Inspire Change” guidebook.  Have you seen all the W3 taking the first pledge together? It’s awesome!

Pledge #1 is: I, ____________________________, commit to inspiring change in our world by being more kind, grateful, and loving to my Self and other women

And there are exercises in the guide to help you do this too! Take a photo of your self and post it and the pledge in the FB group so we can all share and celebrate women supporting women together!

So here we go … let’s everyone this week pick ONE physical space to clean up the muck. Some ideas are:

  • Kitchen junk drawer
  • Car glove compartment
  • Desk drawer
  • Sock drawer
  • Linen closet
  • Shed
  • Any space that is your “dump and run” area
  • Go through the mail that has piled up
  • Kitchen pantry
  • Kitchen Tupperware drawer (Yikes! I swear Tupperwear reproduces on its’ own in there!)

Then let’s post in the group “I Cleaned Up The Muck!” with what we’ve completed. There is magic on collaborative energy like this. Plus, we all need a little cheerleading don’t we? AND we need to celebrate ALL the wins in our world. Small ones and big ones. There just isn’t enough celebrating as far as I’m concerned … so let’s change that too!

I love and adore you W3. I am here to help, guide and support as we rise up together to be our BEST selves living our BEST lives. That’s what the pledge is about. That’s what cleaning up the muck is about. That’s what the Sisterhood Gift Box is about. That’s what my daily FB Live Q&A’s are about.

I hope you’ll join me in one or all of those spaces to connect and share. 

You Are Loved,

PS. I really would love to see you at my daily Facebook Live on the Wild and Wise Women Facebook Page.  Every day my team selects a question that has been submitted about the Wild and Wise Sisterhood AND I am there to answer ANY question you have on ANY topic! This is your chance for a live laser-coaching session or a bit of extra motivation or inspiration you need to get through the day. I’ll be there! Hope you will too!

PPS. I made a bold statement yesterday that I really believe. Why wouldn’t the Wild and Wise Sisterhood gift box be THE gift box you and your family believe in and support? I know there are lots of choices out there, I really do. But absolutely none that are offering the same benefits, the same value, the same level of details and personal touches, with the same heart and love, that will make the same impact and change in the lives of other women that YOU will be able to see and feel and know that your purchase is doing good in the world. So … Why wouldn’t it be THE gift box of choice for you, your family, and the gifts you give this year?

It was bold. And I stand by it.