Being Your Best You!

Hello Beautiful One,

I want you to know I am still learning. Of course, you probably realize that … we all are. But sometimes we get the mistaken idea that some of us … have got it all figured out. Nope. Just not the case.

I woke up this morning to some very direct (I LOVE direct when it also comes with kindness, love and respect!) and pointed messages from YOU that you didn’t know what the heck I was talking about when I mentioned the Sisterhood Gift Box.

Also, you let me know that you don’t like to watch videos. They sometimes take too long and you read your information at work, in waiting rooms, on your commute (as a passenger!) and so you need more words … less talking.

As an introvert, you can’t even imagine how much I love that lol! I used to really love the TV series Scandal (it took a turn somewhere in the second season that I didn’t fall in love with but …)

On one of the episodes Olivia Pope says to Quinn … “say less or talk faster …” it cracked me right up and I’ve borrowed it on more than one occasion with a smile on my face and a glint in my eye (’cause I can’t pull off the Olivia Pope ‘ruler of world’ vibe quite the same way as she can)

Anyway … I digress.  You said … “Christa, what are you talking about? I don’t watch the videos. I need words that I can read …”

And while I felt like I had really been sharing well lol … I am still really trying to set that balance between the messages I focus on, the content and training we offer in these messages and on our other channels, AND the fun products and offers we have that aren’t always free.

I am dead against salesy messages. And as you are still telling me (thank you for not giving up on me, and still telling me!!!!!) While you appreciate that I refrain from pounding you into the ground with old school salesy nonsense … you um … don’t know what we are offering AT ALL.

Oops. So bear with me, this message is a long one as I write out in a bunch of words WHAT the Sisterhood Gift box is all about, what our brand new coaching program add-on looks like, what the $99 includes, and everything that is connected to that.

Not for you? Totally cool. Maybe share it with someone you think would love it. Want to join the Sisterhood? Completely awesome! Read below and reach out. And just so you know, I’m breaking out in hives just a little bit sending a message this long, this focused on the gift box and new coaching program only so send some love k? 😉

Here we go ….

The Wild and Wise Sisterhood Gift Box is a quarterly subscription box delivered to your door every 3 months filled to the brim with beautiful handcrafted items by artisans.
The items are all specially selected by myself and my team and we are talking about hand-stitched, hand-carved, hand-formed bags, accessories, decorative boxes, jewellery, energy bells, and more!
And as love is in the details … we have poured alot of love into this box! Special notes from me, inspirational quotes, stories of the artisans and their traditional artforms … truly we have pulled out all the stops to make this the best, most meaningful subscription box on the market today.
Along with the gift box (a love-filled present from me to you) that shows up at your door every 3 months … you also receive an invitation every single MONTH to a live, group, virtual workshop with me and expert special guests.
In this group coaching format, we will talk about topics such as these every single month!
• What has been sucking the joy from your life, and how to get it back!
• How to Wake Up and stop sleeping through this amazing life you’ve been given.
• Who you are, and how to honour who you have been and who you want to be.
• How to once and for all stop the negative messages playing in your head.
• Ways to infuse your days with passion and positive energy, making life fun again.
• Steps to get your Passion Project started, making your big dreams possible.
• The drivers that inspire you and the triggers that hold you back.
• Why cleaning up the clutter (physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually) makes room for abundance of all kinds.
• How to create a vision for your life that you can get excited about, and a step by step strategy to help you “do the work” to get there.
• An opportunity to be in the “Wild and Wise Hotseat” where you receive one-on-one coaching and assistance, addressing the obstacles keeping you from …
Your Best YOU and Your BEST Life!
• Remembering your brilliance and how that ties into your purpose and living a Wild and Wise life.
• Finding that still place inside that will increase clarity, focus, confidence and peace.
• How to be alone without being lonely, how to improve relationships with loved ones.
• Strategies, tactics, step-by-step “how-to’s” that you can apply to any area of your life.
• Worksheets, journaling exercises, exploration and excavation guides to help you on your way.
• Q&A sessions where you can submit your questions and requests for help!
This is an INCREDIBLE bonus opportunity W3. Just to put it into perspective, group sessions with me begin at $150 an hour. I say that ONLY so that you can see what a great opportunity this is …
YOU will be receiving these monthly sessions (up to 3 hours in length) for the special Sisterhood Subscription price of $99.00 every 3 months. (yes, that’s $33.00 per month!!!). Crazy right? But it’s a good kind of crazy.
PLUS: Every 3 months you receive a Wild and Wise Sisterhood Gift box filled to the brim with handcrafted items, specially selected for you, delivered to your door. Monthly coaching AND gifts? YES!
This is MY kind of coaching program!!

NOTE: The coaching program was an add-on that was requested by one of you.  One of you who received the “10 Ways to Inspire Change” guidebook and journal.

She asked if we would consider it (it being adding a coaching component to the Sisterhood subscription) … we said “Consider it? We’ll do it!” And that’s how that was born.

We are adding it to our site as we speak. So if you head over to and don’t see the coaching yet … never fear! It is real. It is true. And it will be published as soon as we can make it happen!

What’s the upshot W3? $99 every three months.
INCLUDED: Monthly live group workshops with me and special guests to take next steps to Being Your Best YOU and Living Your BEST Life.
INCLUDED: Every three months you receive a personally-selected gift box filled to the brim with handcrafted items and love details to remind you of how amazing and brilliant and courageous and beautiful you are. (Kind of like your reward for investing in YOU to do the work to live your BEST life! at no extra cost)
INCLUDED: $10 Off your first box!! Use promo code: IAmLoved.
INCLUDED: More community, support, love as you go through this journey with other members of the sisterhood – all ready to make 2018 GREAT! (first workshop begins in November – first box ships end of October)
INCLUDED: Introductions and access to amazing women who are doing incredible things … I will be calling upon all my rockstars to come and hang out with you and train, give, and support.
$99 every three months. Come join us in the Sisterhood. 
No long-term contracts or commitments. Easy cancellation.
Best Coaching Program AND Best Gift Box on the Market. (yep, now I’m bragging a little) 

Reach out here or to [email protected] ANY TIME! We love hearing from you and will answer any questions you may have!!

Whew! That was a lot of words. I tried to talk as fast as I could

Wild and Wise Sisters, I am just going to say this. Take a chance. Take a chance on me, I promise that what we are offering is not going to disappoint. And canceling is a super easy click of a button if it’s just not your thing.

But the bigger request is … Take a chance on YOU. Make this your year to make the shifts and start living differently.  To BE different, we have to do something different. 🙂

This isn’t an over-the-top crazy investment (although I know it is still impossible for some – and I understand and honor that.)

I will be there for you, as will the other Sisterhood members, the Sisterhood team, and the special guests who come to hang out. Make a difference.

Ok … see what happens?? I just keep talking!! I’m done.  Promise.

You Are Loved W3,

PS. Please do not send me any negative messages. If this isn’t for you, I understand and respect and honour that. Share it, forward it, file it, delete it. It is longer than my usual that is for certain … and if I hadn’t had my hand slapped a little I probably would have hesitated more. Thank goodness for all of you keeping me in check! 😉

PPS. You will be added, as promised, to the Wild and Wise Women tribe that receives my inspirations, trainings, and personal messages via email. We wanted to give you a little time to get used to us all. 🙂 Look forward to seeing you on the other side too and hopefully as a part of the Sisterhood Coaching Program and Subscription Box!

And remember, we are updating the site as we speak with the new coaching information so if it’s not there yet know we are working on it and you can start your subscription right away. You will be invited to the first Monthly Workshop on Being Your Best YOU and Living Your BEST Life with me soon.