When The Water Is At Your Hips

Good morning beautiful W3,

Today is a beautiful day isn’t it? Here in B.C. the sky is blue, the sun is shining, it is warm and gorgeous. Perfect day for the dog park followed by a cup of coffee on the deck.

Not every day has felt this way though. Some days feel less bright, less warm, less gorgeous for sure – even when the sun is shining outside. Those are the tougher days to get our bottoms out from under the sheets, and definitely the tougher days to feel good about much at all.

I know because I’ve been there. More than one time. 

Sometimes it feels like I’m trying to move forward but I am walking in water up to my ankles making harder to get ahead. Sometimes that water level is at my knees or my hips. You know how hard it is to walk with purpose and make much progress when you have water up to your hips right?

There’s a reason they call that kind of thing resistance training.

The imaginary “water” represents my stress level. My worries and concerns. My fears and my exhaustion.

And you know what the best wisdom is in such circumstances, we’ve all heard the advice.  Whether faced with a bear in your path, anything careening out of control, the overwhelm we can experience at being superwoman, supermom, superwife, superworker … don’t panic!

Don’t panic my beloved ones.

A few days ago we talked about the 3 Minute Method to combat overwhelm. Where you set the clock for 3 minutes and write down everything inside your head that is on your “to-do” list. I wrote down 27 things and ran out of time as the timer dinged. Yikes.

We’ve gotten them out of our head now, so that they can stop buzzing around like relentless flies, and can categorize them, prioritize them, and even dismiss those ones that aren’t important at all! (those do show up too)

But the Universe is also reminding us in every way she knows how that as much as we all have “so darned much to do” that really … “there is so darned much for you to BE!”

So we set the timer again. This time writing down everything that you want and need “to be”. 

You don’t have to have the ‘how’ or the ‘why’ or any strategies or answers. Just write down the ‘what’. ‘What’ do you want to ‘be’ in your life, in your days, in your work, in your relationships.

Then I asked you to take those “To-Be” statements and place an “I Am” in front of them. And start reciting them to your Self with deep cleansing breaths.

I Am Kind * I Am Unafraid * I Am Loved * I Am at Peace * I Am Abundant

I Am at Peace * I Am Abundant

I hope doing that simple exercise feels as good for you as it does for me. I truly slows my heartbeat, calms my racing thoughts, and releases the worry or stress that I am carrying.

This simple exercise shifts my energy and shifts my thoughts, feelings, and actions. Just with the 2 little words and the presence and consciousness to focus on them all together. Have you tried it?

Now, one more thing – here’s the abbreviated version of Part #2 that I promised. Now we strategize just one or two things that would help contribute to the state of “I Am”. 

Maybe that’s doing an act of kindness, or creating a ‘Plan B’ for our worst case scenario, or doing something caring and loving for ourself or another, or going through our belongs to give possessions that we no longer use or need to another.

Not anything complicated or burdensome W3. Just an act that now ties the combination together.

Think * Feel * Act

Think:  Take 3 minutes and purge all the “to-do” and “to-be” thoughts that are in your head.

Feel:  Put the words “I Am” in front of your “to-be” list and breathe deeply as you feel the state this brings you.

Act:  Contribute to the feeling state of “I Am __________” with an action step that strengthens this state.


I’d LOVE to hear how the 3 Minute Method creates change in your life W3. I know that by breathing on the words “I Am Unafraid” I have accomplished things I wouldn’t have imagined AND released the holds that fear had on me. Tell us all about your experience in the FB Group!

You Are Loved,

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