Pledge #2: Inspiring Change

Good morning beautiful W3!

I hope that you found that Pledge #1 helped inspire you to make a small shift or two in your world.  What was pledge #1 again?

I, ____________________________, commit to inspiring change in our world by being more kind, grateful, and loving to my Self and other women.

I have to tell you that I myself had ups and downs as I worked to keep my commitment on this pledge. There are hard-core habits and patterns, with decades of repetition and a weird kind of commitment of its’ own to do the opposite of this. Were there for you too?

I still find myself hesitating to do some loving and kind things for myself, and can be quick to dismiss a “win”, an accomplishment, a goal achieved and move right on by to the next “to-do” on the list.

Giving gratitude to my Self for the things I do – rather than knocking myself for those I don’t or haven’t yet – well, I am still practicing too W3!

And I did take a step to extend kindness and gratitude to another woman in my life who maybe hasn’t heard that from me a whole bunch. I was unsure of what the response would be honestly, but I knew that what I was giving was honest, love-filled, and real and her response … well, I couldn’t control that!

And you know what … she was surprised, she was pleased, she was thankful. It was a good moment for us both and changed how we have interacted since. And that little change … will create more change. For her and I and everyone we connect with as a result.

What were your experiences with Pledge #1 W3? Tell us about them! Let’s support and help each other as we pledge to inspire change! (Just in case you haven’t downloaded the “10 Ways to Inspire Change Guidebook” yet, go ahead and do so now!

Now … on to the second pledge!

This builds perfectly on top of the first pledge. The first was a baby step … “I commit to being more ….”  This one goes one step further “I refuse ….”

This will take some practice W3. And this isn’t about turning into an inauthentic “Pollyanna” type that just smiles and says “That’s so lovely” to everything that comes up. We are real human beings after all.

This is about refusing to be the source of negative or hurtful words or actions to ourselves and others. It’s big and it will change your LIFE!! (I believe this completely). But as simple as it sounds, it is not easy. We are again fighting against patterns, habits, conditioning … but we can do it W3.

I believe in all of us!

A really great “life-change-hack” is to imagine that the person you are talking ‘about’ is standing directly behind you – or in front of you even and then you can imagine their face if they were to hear any negative or poisonous things you might have shared.

Even imagine yourself. As you notice the tape playing in your mind – imagine your Self-sitting across from you … hearing every word you are thinking. Imagine her hurt. Imagine her sadness. Promise her you will do better. Promise her you will practice and be IN her corner rather than yet another obstacle she must overcome.

It’s a powerful practice W3. It’s a powerful shift in words and behavior and it can make a powerful impact on your life and the lives of everyone you touch.  Up for it?

I, ____________________________, commit to inspiring change in our world by refusing to say negative or hurtful things, or behave in negative or hurtful ways, to my Self or to other women.

Copy this statement W3. Insert your name and post it on your favorite social media platform with the hashtag #ITookThePledge (so we can find it!).  Post it on our W3 FB Page, in the W3 FB Group, on the Sisterhood Facebook Page, on Instagram, Pinterest or Twitter if those are your go-to’s. Post a selfie along with it – we LOVE to see your face!!

I am ready to take the second pledge W3. I hope you will join me. We have had alot of W3 share this with their friends and groups as well. We welcome everyone! The more the merrier!

You Are Loved,

PS. Want a sneak peek BEFORE the sneak peek?  Here’s a short video that shows a few of the versions of the handcrafted items that could be inside. I will be showing every item at 7 pm ET and answering your question!