Meditate and Dance: Gabrielle Roth 5 Rhythms

Good morning beautiful W3,

I have been fiddling with this message for quite some time now lol – hence the delivery time. I have so much (as always it seems) to share that I had to keep editing and whittling it down. Let’s jump right in! 

Top 3 Wild and Wise Sharables!

1. Meditate and Dance: Gabrielle Roth 5 Rhythms

I have been a long-time fan of meditative dance, AND of Gabrielle Roth who sadly passed away in 2012.  As we continue to explore different forms of meditation and stillness to find the ones that YOU love most, this is one of my true favorites and go-to’s. “Stillness through dance?” you might ask?  YES!

Gabrielle speaks about it and explains as well as provides examples in this short video. There may even be teachers and classes near you. But if not, not to worry – you can find many examples of her work on YouTube and on her own site 5Rhythms.  Find your stillness … through dance W3.

I breathe more deeply just watching this video:  Gabrielle Roth Inner Wave Dance

2. BE Your Best Self / Live YOUR Best Life: Coaching with Christa

I don’t know if you’ve been able to attend any of my daily FB Live’s this week. I promised to show up every day at 7 pm ET to answer YOUR questions.  One of the questions my team chose yesterday was from Diane in San Diego which read:

“Christa, I love the Sisterhood Gift Box but most of all I would love a coaching session with you. I’ve been waiting for you to offer sessions again but haven’t seen it. I know you’ve been busy with the Sisterhood … any chance we could combine some coaching for the members of the Sisterhood who purchase the gift box subscription? “

And my answer … “of course we can!”  I will do one group coaching session per month for active members of the Sisterhood – a session that can go on as long as you need it to!! For $99 every three months (if you need a monthly payment option reach out to us!) you will receive a gift box delivered to your door valued at $150-$200+ of beautiful handcrafted items that give back AND you will receive a monthly group coaching session, with ME and special guests.  You know this is crazy … I know this is crazy … but as I like to say – it’s a good crazy!

But I also know how easy it is to not act and pass by great opportunities. So as Mel would say …. 5-4-3-2-1!  Join the Sisterhood, and for $33 per month (paid quarterly) you receive coaching with me (and a fancy awesome gift box each quarter!)

Seriously I don’t know how to make it any sweeter than that. W3 Coaching with me is usually $200 per hour. Put your flag in the ground W3 and commit to being your best self and living YOUR best life!  We’d be starting the session in November, so getting all ready to start 2018 off with a bang!

Bonus:  Of course, everyone who has already become a member of the Sisterhood, you also will be included.  Any bonus or special fun thing we add to the Sisterhood is ALWAYS retroactive. Doesn’t matter when you become a member, just that you are one!  Come on W3, join US!

Oh, and don’t forget your $10 off promo code: IAmLoved.  We’ve been reaching out to anyone who has joined the Sisterhood and not used the promo code and applying the credit to their account because why NOT save the $10? 

3. I Took the Pledge: A Sisterhood Code

Have you been seeing all the fabulous W3 using the hashtag #ITookthePledge? Isn’t it awesome??  We are on pledge #1 in the “10 Ways to Inspire Change” free Guidebook and Journal.  The pledge is:

I, ____________________________, commit to inspiring change in our world by being more kind, grateful, and loving to my Self and other women.

There are exercises to help you with ways to be more kind, grateful and loving and I want us to share what we are doing to make this change in our lives. It matters W3. Each small shift we make, each new choice and response we choose, matters.

So take the pledge. (Download the guide if you haven’t already for reference). Take a photo and type out the pledge on your social media or ours using the hashtag #ITookthePledge.  One more way to impact change in the world W3. A small baby step that matters.

4. I Had to Add One More!!

Because two of those above are all about W3 and Sisterhood I wanted to share one more thing out in the “world” that I think you’d love.

Words: Year of Yes! How to Dance It Out, Stand In the Sun and Be Your Own Person

Not only is this little book by Shonda Rhimes a really great reminder of how often we automatically, instinctively say “No” in our lives, but what can happen when we decide to say “Yes!”

Equally great as the book or audio version, this is transparently fresh and funny, real and honest, and I SWEAR Sonda will be a guest with Wild and Wise sometime in the future! She’s on the list W3!!

This also ties in really well to #1 on the list … because “dancing it out” – courtesy of our friends Meredith and Christina on Grey’s Anatomy (gosh I miss Christina … do you miss Christina?) became required therapy when things became too “dark and twisty”.

So for when things get dark and twisty – whether Gabrielle Roth or Shonda is your go-to … it’s time to dance W3!

Ok, I have got to stop typing and just hit send or you will never get this email! Sorry for the delay and I hope there is something on the list that makes your week!

You Are SO Loved W3,

PS. Really don’t wait to join the sisterhood and receive monthly coaching with me. This has never been offered at this price before and I don’t want you to pass it up! Let’s get YOUR Best Life started.

PPS. Our Book Club will be winding up soon. Women Who Run With The Wolves has been an amazing read and there has been an incredible discussion throughout. Are you one of the 500+ in the book club? How would you like to wrap it all up? Tell us in the group what you would like to see as a windup celebration of it all!