I Know You Have Been Hurt And Lied To

Good morning beautiful W3,

It is a GORGEOUS day today and I have been sorting, clearing, de-cluttering, and cleaning my office. Getting re-acquainted with the treasures and books that I love and resetting the energy in this space that I spend so much time in.

The doors are thrown open and the puppies are walking in and out (when they arise from their most recent nap that is)  and it just FEELS GOOD.

Feeling good in the spaces we create for ourselves is very important. As is feeling good in the spaces we join and participate in. And one space is not like EVERY space, and every space is not like that one space …

Ok, what the heck does THAT mean Christa? Haha, I just read that over, and it has a very Dr. Seuss type quality to it doesn’t it? Let me back up.

I know that you have had experiences W3, with Coaches, teachers, trainers, groups and communities, as we all have, that were unpleasant. Me too.

I know that you have been tricked by people you trusted, given false hope by ones you believed in, lost things that mattered to you and came away with less than you started with. I know. Me too.

I know you are sick of seeing the Facebook ad promises, the exaggerations, the marketing tactics of scarcity, urgency, and the age-old strategy that we as women have bought in to for decades … You Are NOT Enough!!!!! Let me help you fix that.

Grrrrrrrr ….

Don’t believe me? All you have to do is look at the magazine stands … still TODAY! Look at the ads that show up on your social media and all the courses that will tell you to find their pain point and “drill it home!”

And the most disturbing part of it is … it still seems to work. (Otherwise you wouldn’t still see so much of it in my opinion). But here’s the thing….

You get to decide.

The power is with you. YOU are the most important part of the relationship that anyone wants to build with you. (As are they, but that’s a puzzle for another day).

All I’m saying is … find the community you trust. And let it take time. Don’t marry someone before you go on your first date. Watch, observe, AND talk and ask questions – respectfully, kindly, but do ask.

And when you find that community (or two or three), when you find that coach or leader or trainer or teacher that has proven their knowledge, shown you their results, doesn’t use pressure tactics or any other tactics to convince you to take part, or purchase, or share, whatever the request may be …

When you find the space that feels GOOD. Support THAT space. Support THAT community and support THAT coach, trainer, teacher, friend. And the rest … take more time as you watch and ask questions OR leave for different safe space.

You know W3, often times when we don’t support the spaces that make us feel good … we find to our dismay that they have disappeared. I know it has happened to me and I learned that lesson quickly. I have no problem saying goodbye to companies or tribes that don’t speak to me, resonate with me, serve me in positive ways. I save all my good stuff for those that do!

I wish the same for you.

And in all honesty – (you know I’m faithfully honest with you) if that means this space isn’t the one for you right now, that’s ok. Say goodbye to us with love and we’ll see you should our paths cross again!

I know you’ve been hurt and lied to W3, me too. But that is NOT what happens here, in this space. And it never will. That’s just NOT the wild and wise way. You can count on that.

With SO much love today W3,

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