I Refuse To Freak Out

Good morning beautiful W3,

If ever I’ve needed to hear this advice: “Don’t give up, you are 5 minutes from the miracle” it’s now lol.

It would be SO easy to throw up my hands in frustration, to give up, or worse … to become someone I don’t recognize or admire and take my frustration out on those around me by lashing out and ‘projecting’.

I’m sure you have either been on the receiving end of that experience (I KNOW I have …) or that is a behavior you recognize as your own. (I’ve been there too … I mean none of us are perfect – and certainly not me.)

I will admit though, that ‘projecting’ – my personal definition for this is ‘having a response out of proportion to the situation’ became a behavior of my past once I REALLY got my head around what it was, why I did it, and … how completely unnecessary and unHELPFUL it was.

I mean it certainly didn’t help to resolve whatever was going on … or move things along quicker. It didn’t magically make everything alright.

All that had happened was that I had verbally vomited (I know … I apologize for that phrase, but it really does describe it doesn’t it?) all over someone else. Usually, someone, I cared about a lot (because those ARE the ones we do that to aren’t they?)

I essentially took all the “yuck” I was feeling, for reasons of my own, and sprayed them all over someone else. I might have even felt better after but … I guarantee you, that the target of my “yuck transfer” surely didn’t.

And again, I’ve been on the other end of that too. Enough to have me choose to leave jobs, friendships, even communications with family members. Yup … it’s ugly.

So, all of that is one of the reasons “I refuse to freak out” about what is happening over here at W3 right now.

I could relax in the knowledge that all of you are right here in this journey with me.

That I can do!

That’s what I choose to do.

Because no matter what anyone says … how we respond to ANY situation is a choice. We can choose “high” (high vibrational energies) or “low” (low vibrational energies).

It’s not always easy. I’ve been practicing a while.  You need to create new habits. New patterns, that become instinctive and automatic with practice.

And there is absolutely NO question that incorporating deep breathing, meditation, and relaxation techniques as coping strategies will help.

Next time you find yourself projecting … ‘having a response out of proportion to the situation’, what will you do?

This shift, W3 can change your life. I’m super serious about this. So …

‘Don’t freak out’. 
Recognize the situations that you cannot control.
Promise to not ‘verbally vomit’
Choose high vibrational energies rather than low
Find the calming and relaxation techniques that work for YOU
Remember this truth – we are all here, we support you and we’ve got your back!

You Are Loved,

PS. In case you haven’t seen it yet, and are looking for a little help, here is the Wild and Wise Meditation Kickstart to begin new habits and patterns in your world.