When You Feel You Don’t Matter

Good Morning Beautiful W3,

We are taking a short break from our regular programming this week.
Normally we do the Top 3 Sharables for the week; however, this week I’ve had a different whisper that I want to share.

Loss.  It’s a small word with powerful strength isn’t it?

Too often it conjures up ONLY the biggie’s. And we’ve either experienced them, or have people in our close circles who have.

But they are not all “biggie’s” in the eyes of those around us. Yet, the impact … the process … the emotions and the breathlessness, sharpness and ache are … the same.

And so today W3 I just wanted to say …

I honor you. 

I honor the experiences that have led you here. 

I honor the scrapes and bruises, the wounds and scars AND the celebrations and joys, the rising and shining. 

YOUR loss matters. Your gains matter. Your challenges and missteps, stumbles and falls matter. Your successes and wins, your momentum and achievements matter.

Your experiences, your journey, your story matter.

YOU, my beautiful W3, matter

I have had the whisper to send this to you W3. I will catch up on our weekend sharables.

You. Matter.

You Are Loved,