How To Find Your Sweet Spot

Good morning beautiful W3,

It’s a crazy gorgeous day today. A bit of a trick, a bit of false hope that Mother Nature is giving us as the sun is blazing and we would never know we were at the end of November if we didn’t have calendars to tell us so.

Or … instead of a trick, instead of false hope – it is a gift. A blessing for a day. A message from the lovely ones (Mother Nature and Universe) saying “do not worry – there is light”. A reminder of hope. Optimism. And to get the heck out there and ENJOY the sun (or rain, or snow, or whatever they throw our way).

I’m going to go with that one.

Something has happened for me this week. I have tumbled back into a sweet spot of mine and oh oh oh ~ how sweet it is?

What is a sweet spot?

It’s that space and time, the activities or tasks, responsibilities, or roles and behaviours that just feel SO natural, so easy, so right. It’s a delicious feeling.

It brings peace and happiness too. Because it is instinctive. Intuitive even. So, I am feeling peace and happiness and deliciousness about life right now and I want you to as well!

Are you living in your sweet spot? Are you working in your sweet spot? Could you be?  

And you know what’s super great about when you live and work in YOUR sweet spot? You likely are taking away what is someone’s “sour space”. You know, where things are hard and don’t come naturally. Those tasks and responsibilities that stress us out and keep us up at night.

So living and working in YOUR sweet spot, allows others to live and work in THEIRS. It’s a beautiful circle.

Oh, and when you release someone from their “sour spaces” … they LOVE you!

Would you like to learn more about this W3? Living and working in your sweet spot (which honestly, is another way of living and working Wild and Wise!)

If yes … hit reply and give me a big fat YES! (or some variation thereof).

I could get pretty darned tickled about spending 2018 being in my sweet spot – and helping you to live and work in yours. What about you? 😉

You Are Loved,

PS. Our November workshop was awesome! Over 2 1/2 hours of goodness, of strategies and inspiration to move forward after any kind of loss, and how sometimes getting out of bed IS a reason to celebrate!

If you want access to the replay make sure you are a member of the Sisterhood!  Also there are only a few days left to take advantage of the monthly payment option!