Pick Me. Choose Me. Love Me.

Good morning beautiful W3,

I want you to feel spoiled, and loved, and cared for, and pampered every single day!  You can tell, can’t you … I’m a crap marketer lol.  

And I don’t get it right every day – or every time – but gosh my team will keep trying to wow you, to show you how important you are (like those personal calls we made to every single subscriber to the Sisterhood … those were SO great! You can bet we’ll be doing those again!) 

We will surprise and delight you with details (love is in the details after all) and promotions and savings, and so much more …

that you can ALL take part in – in one way or another!  I am just that way.

A short story … (really short I promise). About 5 years ago now, we had created our first membership site. (Yes, we were ahead of the curve there). And it was so gorgeous!

We sold monthly and annual memberships, and then I created a promotion in honour of ‘One Billion Rising’, it moved me so.  And what did I do? I credited every single current member of the Wild and Wise membership site the full amount of the promotion we offered … yes I did. 

I guarantee you that any marketer in the land would have told me I was crazy. It probably was crazy … we couldn’t sustain the membership site (again, crap marketer lol)  but here I am … still passionate about creating a Wild and Wise World that you AND I can be proud to be a part of. 

I truly hope that you will ….

Join us in the Sisterhood and use the promo code IAmLoved for $10 off your first box! (the same promo code that has been offered since we launched the Sisterhood).

And until the end of November, when you join, we will ensure that you receive our Premier Sisterhood box, that everyone has been raving about, delivered to your door before Christmas …

And then your second box will be delivered near the end of January.  There’s more, of course – bonuses, workshops, downloads, all that great stuff! It’s all Here.

I promise we will do our best to wow you consistently. We will do our best to delight you and make you feel loved and cared for and worth more than what is in your wallet. Yup … we will!

And if you are already a member of the Sisterhood … thank you. You matter so much to us.  And if the Sisterhood is just not your “thing”. That’s cool too. Thank you for being HERE. You also matter so much to us. xo

Have a most wonderful soul-inspiring, love-filled week W3.

You Are Loved,