Making Dreams Come True – Create A Vision

Gosh, it is a beautiful sunny blue sky Sunday here in BC, and as my husband and I tuck into the chores on our list today I just felt pulled to come to my computer and connect with you.

As I’ve been chatting with amazing Wild and Wise Women for our membership site, I have been blown away by the incredible lives some of you are living.  Dream lives that many of us wouldn’t even believe were possible … yet, there you are living them – proof .. it can be done!

I am speaking with women like myself who are living full-out in their passions AND earning revenue from it (which is kind of the holy grail of wild and wise lifestyles) and you will be meeting them in the coming weeks.

You’ll meet one W3 who sails the Caribbean and travels to the most beautiful and peaceful places in the world – for a living and a lifestyle she loves.

You’ll meet another who left everything behind to relocate to a tropical paradise and open a business that employees local residents and contributes to the community while waking up happy every day.

You’ll meet another who took her gift of “wrangling numbers” and formed a successful niche business that allows her to be where she needs to be …with her family – and she speaks of the peace and content in her life and being able to pay the bills.

I could go on and on … because I will be introducing you to many many Wild and Wise Women just like this … who have carved out their dream lives … and who want to share with you how they did it and how you can too!

But here’s the thing.  Before you can LIVE your dream life … that life filled with passion, and happiness, and peace and contentment AND maybe pays the bills too (if that’s your dream) .. you have to know what that dream is.

So on this beautiful Sunday I invite you to take out a pad of paper or a journal – find a quiet and cozy place – and begin writing … begin writing your dream life down.  And we are going to start to talk together about how to make that dream life yours for real.

In your dream life:

*  How do you want to wake up in the morning (with an alarm clock or naturally?)
*  Is your room filled with light?
* What is the first thing you do when you wake?
* What do you have for breakfast?
* Where do you eat your breakfast?
* What are you doing for work?

On and on it goes. Paint the picture in vivid, detailed strokes. Write the story of your dream life … creating that vision is an integral step to making it real. 

Happy Sunday W3!

Christa xo

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