3 is Growing and Hiring

W3 is Growing and Hiring!

Happy Saturday Beautiful W3!

I am in what is my favorite spot to chat with you – tucked into the corner of the couch – coffee and cookie at the ready – puppies softly snoring beside me.

So we have been busy over here at W3 building our 2017-2020 plan.  You’ve seen and heard about a few of the projects … as it is important to my vision with W3 that you are able to participate in decisions and direction … because this community belongs to us all.

Now as we are putting more pieces in place … we need more wild and wise hands, more wild and wise heartbeats, to get everything done!  What am I looking for?

Are you proficient / expert in a membership platform? Which ones?

Are you proficient / expert in WordPress?

Are you a graphic designer?

Are you a VA / Project Manager?

Are you a data / analytics / tracking rockstar?

Are you brilliant at something else we need to know about?

As you can see, I’m looking for all kinds of help! lol.  These are not full-time positions (unless maybe you have ALL of these skillsets) 😉 and we are just starting out over here … so we are on startup / bootstrap budgets. BUT I wanted to reach out to YOU and give you the opportunity to join the team and play with us.

Have something you’d like to offer to the Wild and Wise team?  Email us at: [email protected]  Tell us what you are amazing at (this is important … are you a Mailchimp / Asana / WP / Ninja?  Tell us what you would need for compensation – and a little bit about you. (Even send a video – but make sure we can open it!) 😉

IMPORTANT:  Based on my last email asking for freelancers I expect to hear from alot of you!  I will not be able to respond to every single one, so please do not be offended if you do not hear back.

It’s a beautiful day in the W3 neighbourhood.  Have a brilliant Saturday and also I’ll be announcing a fabulous live event coming up with me and a wild and wise woman (who happens to also be a best-selling author, healthline expert on the Dr. Oz show, CNN commentator, and the most booked female motivational speaker today – as well as my friend). I can’t wait to introduce you to her! So stay tuned for that … it’s tentatively booked for March 27 (just having to confirm this busy lady’s schedule!)

And never forget W3 –

You Are Loved,

Christa xo

photo via Juliette Leufke via unsplash