Special Guests? Who Do You Want to See?

It’s a quiet morning so far in my house.  Dogs are sleeping – dreaming dog dreams (it’s hard to believe they do much else really) – and my husband is working downstairs in his office while I sip my coffee, nibble my cookie, and charge through my to-do list up here in my favorite spot.

One of the first items on my agenda this morning was reaching out to our representative at our trademark company to complete filings for Wild and Wise – and it got me thinking about YOU (as most things do).

As a result, I will be adding a trademark specialist to the list of trainings in our upcoming Wild and Wise YOU membership site.  When you’ve built a brand you are proud of, and that you want to protect …this is a step you definitely want to know the ins and outs about!

And how about copyright? Do you have questions about your content and how to protect that too? Not to worry, I’m on it … we will have a special guest addressing that topic too!

Wild and Wise YOU will be your one-stop wild and wise space to access information and training on how to build the internal and external, professional and personal, passion-filled and success-full life you dream of and deserve.

It’s pretty darned exciting … and I am talking with one my most highly-esteemed mentors myself this week as we continue to craft and shape this space.

So send me more examples of what you would like to learn in your life, or for your business.; and who you would like to learn from (if there are specific guests you’d love to see).

What are the topics on your mind?  In your heart?
Who are the teachers you’d like more access to? Would love to meet?

I am reaching out every day and will be filling this site with the most comprehensive trainings, stories, case studies and how-to’s from the best wild and wise experts out there. (Some you know well, and some you don’t) 🙂

I am going to continue to include you, to ask you for what you want, and what you prefer because … Wild and Wise Women and Wild and Wise YOU is about and for … YOU.  Thank you contributing! xo

You Are Loved xo


PS. You can reply to this email OR head over to the Facebook Group and comment there!

PPS. Keep an eye out as we will be choosing final logo designs for Wild and Wise YOU and we want your vote!

PPS. AND the next step in Creating the Vision for Your Life will also be this week, as well as details on our “Wake Up to Your Passion-Fueled Life!” Live Event with a very special guest.

photo by Kristina Flour via unsplash