You Get First Dibs!

Good morning beautiful W3,

Is it snowing where you are? Sun shining brightly as you hit the beach? Is it night time? Tomorrow?  I always love that part of us … the differences, that never divide us but bring us together. I love celebrating YOUR world … and am blessed just how much you celebrate mine.

I have to start simply by thanking all of you again. Just mentioning that I have been working through a headache for the past while and my inbox was flooded with your love and care!

You DO bless me W3 …

Thank you for making me a part of your world – it’s a privilege I am so grateful for.

I know that some of you absolutely went to your inboxes and started unsubscribing and deleting those messages that no longer resonated with you, and were making outrageous promises … Congratulations!

And others of you wrote to tell me who thrilled you were that we have decided to include a lifestyle business section in Wild and Wise YOU.

It was wonderful to hear from each and every one of you, on whatever topic prompted you to write to me. I LOVE hearing from you!

Now, part of what being a part of the Wild and Wise tribe that receives my emails is … that you get to hear FIRST on anything new or exciting that we have to announce!

So I have two things I want to reach out to all of you about today

Here we go … 

1. I am looking for a marketing strategist for Wild and Wise. Someone who can create an entire plan for all of our craziness, that incorporates what we currently have in place and what still needs to be created.

Traffic, lead-gen, advertising, collaboration, social media, our groups, our tribe, creating special things that are only available to YOU, the W3 who receive my emails, incorporating ALL of our divisions, the whole she-bang.

We are looking for someone who can strategize AND execute and who believes in the Wild and Wise vision and mission.

Is this YOU? If it is … send me a video to say hello, and your areas of expertise and experience. This is an important role in the Wild and Wise World, and we are looking for someone very special who understands where we are and wants to help take us where we still want to go.

Want to get on the ride? Send that email with a video and intro doc to [email protected].

2. We are almost completely SOLD OUT of our Premier Sisterhood gift box.  We only have 150 LEFT! Do you want one? If you do … go HERE now and join the Sisterhood, and we will ensure your Premier box is delivered to your door before Christmas!

Then you will receive your second gift box on schedule at the end of January.

Use the promo code: IAmLoved for $10 off your Premier Sisterhood giftbox!

Want to see MORE W3 who are thrilled with their boxes? type #thesetuproject into your Facebook search bar. The Sisterhood Gift Box – Happiness in a box.

I will ALWAYS tell you about the news in the Wild and Wise World first W3, so that you have the first chance to jump on anything that resonates with you. Just ONE of the perks to reading my emails.

You Are Loved,

PS. Also, please always feel free to forward any email or information to wild and wise women you know that may be interested! We are a family, and your tribe is my tribe. Everyone is always welcome.