100 Women Challange

Good morning beautiful W3,

There are so many reasons to celebrate, so many reasons to DANCE, and so many reasons to just embrace the joy – so that is the theme of today’s sharables.

1. Video: 24 Hours of Happy!

You remember when this song was a huge hit, but the greatest thing was the 24 hour video that includes people from all over the world, at every minute in a 24 hour period, dancing to the same song. How awesome and is something SO wild and wise. I have no doubt we will have do an awesome project like this one day too W3.

So to celebrate the trailblazer, and dancing, and being SO HAPPY! (This is my go-to whenever I need a little pick-me-up)


2. Movement: 100 Women Challenge

What is 100 Women? Every year BBC 100 Women names 100 influential and inspirational women around the world. What’s so special about the 100 women named in 2017? Well … they are tackling the very question of #nowwhat?

The 100 women named are being challenged to tackle four specific problems that women face around the world today – the glass ceiling, female illiteracy, harassment in public spaces and sexism in sport. These may not have been the issues you would have chosen – but it’s definitely ‘wild and wise’ in its’ vision of collaborative energy and impact – and I love it!  And … we can help!

They will be coming up with real-life solutions and you can get involved with your ideas. Find them on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and use #100Women and #wildandwise together. Together W3, we CAN create change.

3. Opportunity: Submit Your Story

We are still reviewing submissions from Wild and Wise Women to take part in November’s live group workshop that is included in your Sisterhood membership.

With special guests Christina Lerchen, Certified Grief Recovery Specialist and Editor-in-Chief of The Best Unexpected and Beverly Adamo, author, speaker, coach, and transformation specialist of Creative Hearts who has experienced unimaginable loss with the passing of her husband on two separate occasions, her best friend, her home, her mom and her job – and has transformed all of these losses into a beautiful and abundantly rich life! 

We also want YOU to be a guest in our workshop! If you have experienced loss of any kind – whether someone you love, a job, a friendship, a relationship, a home, financial loss or spiritual or soul loss. If you have lost your Self … and just don’t know how to find your way back from it all – we truly want to hear your story and have you as a guest in the workshop to receive one-to-one feedback from our experts!

Send us your story (400-500 words max) to [email protected] and if you are a fit we will arrange a pre-interview.

We all know of the challenging times around the world. This workshop is a guiding light to help with the emotions and energy that is swirling. We hope you’ll come. We hope you’ll share your story.

So those are our Top 3 Sharables for today W3. Have a brilliant day and never forget …

You Are Loved,

PS. Loss and grief are connected to so many things. They are “states of being” that for some bury them whole, and for others – have yet to touch the perimeter.  If either of these, or anywhere in between sounds like you … join us for our November workshop.

It’s the first workshop in the Sisterhood series that is included with your subscription.  If you just missed the cut-off date to receive October’s gift box, weeeeellll we are confirming our order of the incredible Tote bag on Monday so if you would still like to subscribe to sneak into receiving the first box we could probably sweet-talk Ali to get you in.

Photo by Allef Vinicius on Unsplash