Time To Banish The Inner Mean Girl

Good morning beautiful W3,

Sisterhood. It’s a word that has so much meaning to me. It’s why we’ve named our new Wild and Wise subscription box Sisterhood (more on that later) and more importantly, it’s why Wild and Wise Women was created at all!

And I take the commitments of sisterhood damn seriously.

In the Sisterhood …

We ONLY raise each other up.
We NEVER tear each other down.
We provide safe space for each other.
We listen with an open heart.
We encourage each others learning.
We champion each others growth.
We lean … and are leaned upon.
We do not judge, blame, shame, or accuse.
We celebrate the beauty and light that we see in each other.
We own our power and know that together we can change the world.

To me, Wild and Wise Women ARE women who run with the wolves. And I can only imagine that this is why our first book club selection struck such a chord.

And yet, we live in a world that endorses, encourages, teaches and conditions girls (and women) to be “mean” to one another, and … let’s be honest … to our Selves.

What if WE decided to turn that teaching around?

What if WE decided to ensure in our own lives that we never do that, and model and mentor the newest generations?

What if WE said … “No. No more.”

What if we took small steps together – that combined become very big steps.

I wonder what would happen?

Wild and Wise Women and Wild and Wise Sisterhood is a movement.

It is a movement of power, of solidarity, of bold strength and commitment to joy. It is a movement of love and support and celebration of our wild and wise ways and it is a movement of stepping outside the box, outside the norm, and blazing a new trail – shining a light where we may have lost our way.

We don’t have all the answers. I don’t that’s for certain. But I have a fiery heart and a strong spirit that tells me … this is needed – for us and for our girls and for the world.

I am so thrilled YOU ARE HERE. And do me a favor today?

Do one thing to raise up another wild and wise woman in your world.

Listen with an open heart. Celebrate their beauty. Celebrate their light. Provide safe space. Be strong so they can lean on you for a moment. Say thank you for them being in your life. Tell them what you love about them. Care.

And decide today to never again participate in tearing another woman down.

I couldn’t do this without you W3. I wake up in the morning with you on my mind, and every project and idea with the wild and wise stamp on it is created in service to you. You are my WHY. And for all of that and more … I thank you.

It’s a new day. It’s a great day. It’s a raising up kind of day!

You Are Loved,

PS. Sometimes we find ourselves in conversations, situations, relationships etc. that tear us or others down and we need to strengthen our Selves to make new choices (or even realize that we want to). Download this free Boundaries Guide with journal prompts to get you started.

Know someone who could use this loving help as well? I hope you’ll share it.

PPS. I just can’t help it, this all brings to mind my favorite mug. Breathe & Be Kind. Best advice ever!

Photo by Mike Labrum on Unsplash