You Are Loved In Every Moment Of Pain

Good morning beautiful W3,

I began what is a somewhat familiar tailspin into pain and sickness. It shows up less often than it used to …. but it still shows up. Searing migraine pain, nausea, sore eyes (yes eyes), walking the hallways of my home feeling helpless and unable to ….

Fix It.

We’ve all been there at one time or another, in one form or another. And I was just trying to get through to the morning, where I somehow felt it would have to be better … I thought (of course) of all of you.

Of the mothers, the sisters, the daughters … who spend all of their days ~ due to treatment or illness or injury ~ in this space I whispered …

You Are Loved and I Honour You and The Path You Walk.

I often take it for granted, the ease of good health. And so I am humbled, and honestly embarrassed by my arrogance and nonchalance, when I am reminded that it is something I do not completely control.

When we are in this sort of pain or discomfort, we become aware of every second that ticks by, hoping and wishing that “this will pass soon”.  And during those seconds, that turned to moments, that turned to hours, I had plenty of time to consider.

You Are Loved” I whispered to every one of you whose pain holds you hostage from morning to night.

To the grandmothers, the granddaughters, the brightest and the tiniest souls, who wait for relief in whatever form it comes I whispered …

You Are Loved and I Honour You and the Path You Walk.

Do you know someone in pain W3?  Do you know someone living with illness?  Is it you? Or someone you love? An acquaintance or a stranger whose path you’ve crossed?

I invite you to take a moment, right now, just to whisper … “You Are Loved” – sending it to them specifically wherever they are.

They will feel that energy, like a lightning bolt, like the warm rays of the sun, like a light shower of rain. They will feel you, they will feel your love.

And if it’s you beautiful W3, whisper it to your Self, over and over and over again.

You Are Loved. You Are Loved. You Are Loved.  Believe it. Because it’s true.

Now … beyond the whisper my beloved W3 … do more.

For your wild and wise sisters I ask you to …

Breathe with them. BE with them. Sing to them. Read to them. Write to them. Touch them and Love them ~ from wherever you are ~ however you can.

We ARE a sisterhood, and our wild and wise ways have power.  And we all know that love has the greatest power of all. Love combined … well, that moves into freakin’ magical status!

I am better today. On the mend. And your love helped me get there. Thank you beautiful W3 for loving me.

We have more love to give don’t we?

You Are Loved,

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Photo by Stephanie Krist on Unsplash