Sisterhood Facebook Group Revealed!

Hello Beautiful One,

You’ve been asking … we’ve been listening!

You wanted a space that was more your own.

An exclusive community space where we could share the updates and Artisan stories, the videos and photos, the sneak peeks and team intro’s, the fun and surprises, the progress on the Wild and Wise Setu Projects, workshop highlights, and the new products we were considering …

All in ONE exclusive made-for-YOU place!

So we did that!

We have created the Members Only Wild and Wise Sisterhood Facebook Group!

Join here:

It is BRAND new! So there aren’t many posts yet because we wanted to include YOU right from the first step!

Come over! Join. And celebrate this new space that is all YOURS.

Come sit on the Sisterhood Sofa with the team and introduce yourself.

We’re really excited and can’t wait to introduce you to more of our Artisans, have chats with the Founders of Matr Boomie, AND our workshops will be livestreamed from the group too!

(We have lots of ideas and lots in store … stay up to date on it all in the group).

As I said, Sisters … you spoke. We listened. xo

You Are Loved,

PS. Here’s the link to join the group again!