What’s Love Got To Do With It?

My beautiful W3,

The past few days have been… interesting. 

Interesting for me on a personal level. 

And… through all of this…
Lyrics of an old Tina Turner song come to mind. …
“What’s love but a second-hand emotion…” 

And, W3, today I ask YOU… what DOES love have to do with IT?

Lyrics from this song of old have given me pause.

What is Love?

It is truly a second-hand, afterthought emotion?

The events in this world are CRAZY. I do not have adequate words. Do I choose to address every time something “bad” happens? No. It would be all I wrote about if that were the case.
BUT… what do I do when something takes center stage and truly causes me to reflect on just how UNloving people in this world can be? I send out a reminder.
I take time to tell my tribe that WE, WE W3, must.be.different. You know gosh darn well that I LOVE you. I do what I do out of LOVE. Wanting YOUR life to be better. And in turn, W3, I want us to rise up and BE better.
right now you might be asking yourself…
Ok, Christa… what is your point?

My point:
One word.
However, that looks like in YOUR life.

Take time to simply smile. Strike up a conversation with someone. Pay for the person’s coffee behind you when you are going thru the drive-thru on your next coffee run.


Do I have all the answers, W3? No.
Do I personally STRUGGLE at times with LOVING others? Ooooooh, Yes.
Do I wish that I were in a better place at times and want a do-over? Yup. A thousand times over.

and this is the really, really cool part W3…
That is why TODAY is a NEW day.
Start now.
You don’t need an engraved invitation. {Although I might put a bug in my team’s ear about that… how cool would THAT be? Sending each of you a personal, engraved, elegant invitation…}

Choose LOVE.
Choose to take a moment today to recenter.
Because trust me when I say, W3, choosing LOVE will ALWAYS win.

You Are Loved, 

P.S. And now I have the song in my head…