Choose To Be Happy

Good morning beautiful W3,

I have a confession. Today I totally and utterly googled “How many days until Spring 2019?” Yes. I did indeed.

My reason for googling about Spring and the change of the season has nothing at all to do with the weather, it does have to do with just… having a change. Having a change of yes, the season BUT the change in the season of LIFE.

While this might be a bit of a different feel than the any other email I have ever penned {ok – typed… indulge me, I prefer to think I am personally writing to each and every one of you a beautifully handwritten letter…},

I do very much so believe in keeping my emails REAL and honest. Authentic. No mask. And right now, my personal slice of the pie of life is a bit more lemon meringue than pecan you know?

In fact… I could choose to take all the whispers and lessons the Universe is sending me and choose to be bitter, sad, resentful, and scared if I were being brutally honest.


And here is where the really, really BIG pause comes in. Instead of that …

I can CHOOSE happy.
I can CHOOSE joyful thoughts.
I can CHOOSE to feel grateful for all that IS amazing.

And … I can choose to put distance between myself and those people, places or things that bring negativity, toxicity, drama to my world.

I can choose to bring those I love and who love me back WELL closer. And a breath between myself and the rest.

We sometimes gather a lot of people into our lives W3 … especially with social media – but even just in our regular every days. And doing an inventory just ain’t a bad thing. You know?!

So before I go further, I need to pause again and say THANK YOU.

My team has forwarded notes you have sent in, my personal Facebook feed has exploded, my email has been overflowing with kind thoughts, happy vibes, and notes of concern. THAT. That means the world to me right now. Thank you does not do it justice. To know that I was on your radar gives me strength. Thank you for caring.

You have picked up where I have fallen down. You have eased my mind and heart as I KNOW you’ve got this while my focus must be elsewhere. You send me love and scold me gently to go rest, to put my feet up and all the messages we give to the community – to be kind to ourselves, and gentle on our tired souls … you have been giving to me with your love. You bless me.

And with that… {and by now you are thinking… Christa, get ON with it… LOL!}
Here are my top three from this week!

Homemade Tea …
Last week I shared a recipe for “chocolate goodness in a cup” with a current, crushing on HARD, go-to recipe for Hot Chocolate. Humor me for another week as I share another current “go-to” beverage that has been helping warm up my soul and renew my tired body. (Remember there is still several feet of snow here, with the last few days seeing it fall and fall …. ๐Ÿ˜‰

This Vanilla Chai tea has been simply delightful this week. AND… the cool part! I have been making it both hot and iced {just making some extra and sticking it in the fridge for later}. Tell me, W3, do YOU have a go-to comfort drink? I would love to know! I could use some more variety!

Life is crazy.
The Universe demands much of us at times.
We, as much as we might truly WANT to be, are NOT in control. Rather, I think to myself at times, life can be more like a roller coaster ride some days. We strap ourselves in best we can and we just hang on. Sometimes we scream out of fear, sometimes we scream out of Joy. But regardless of where we are… we hang on. So hanging on I am right now – living moment to moment and taking all as it comes.

Yup. Super Simple. Super easy. My go-to when the sky might be dreary. When my soul might be dreary. Fits into ANY budget. {Hey… speaking of… did you see the Financial Workshop video? From earlier this month? It was awesome! Ok… sorry… my brain is all over the place.} But seriously, flowers. Go get your OWN self some! AND… better yet… take a picture of the flowers you get yourself and tag us on Facebook!

What a beautiful garden / bouquet we can create in the group with all the photos of your flowers! I would be so pleased to look at them and gain joy from them. Please share. ๐Ÿ™‚

You Are Loved,