Weekly Sharables

Good morning beautiful W3,

It’s that day of the week again, our favorite links!

What kind of week have YOU had? Was it a slow, easy week? Was it a crazy, fast-paced week? Are your wheels spinning in motion or are you breathing with clarity and purpose? Whatever the week that has unfolded for you, take a moment with me in this email to indulge in my top three things from this past week.

My week has been … interesting. You may have noticed I’m quite quiet these days, and that is because I have had to focus on health and family – my health AND the health of my family! (It’s been a bit of a crazy ride I tell you!)

So, a little bit about me. I expect this is a common story among many of you and while it is nothing to stop the world at this point, we’ve just been managing and doing what the doctor’s tell us.

I have been spending time with all kinds of fun (and AMAZING – bless you bless you bless you!) doctors and hospital staff as they have been doing biopsies and surgeries to get to the bottom of “uncommon behaviour” within in my body. lol

Sounds kind of like a phrase an elementary school teacher would use to describe your unruly child in her class doesn’t it? 😉

We will know more this coming week and again, it isn’t a crisis, just a teeny distraction at this point.

THEN – I have not one but TWO of my parents (from different sides just to spread it all around) in hospital at this moment either preparing for, or recovering from, their respective emergency surgeries and quite serious health situations.

So I have been traveling to visit my dad – who I adore with all my heart, who is in a hospital about an hour and a half away AND heading this morning to a visit my wonderful mother-in-law in another hospital a little closer to home.

Crazy right?!  Here’s what I know for sure. I KNOW that the reasons that both of my parents were sent to the hospital were not the reasons they NEEDED to be there. The Universe, beautiful as she is, gave a good hard shove to make sure they both got into the right hands so that the underlying serious situation could be discovered and worked at to be resolved.

Thank You, Universe!

If you would like to send some love to my parents, along with some of that good healing energy that W3 are known for – it would be appreciated by ALL. xo

So there’s the Christa Family update lol. Stay tuned as it’s bound to get even more interesting I’m sure, the Universe can be a bit rascally that way … 😉

And all of that is the reason for the choices in today’s share … I hope you enjoy them and that they comfort you in whatever your day, week, month, year has been shaping up to be so far. If you don’t require comfort – consider them celebratory tools! Because we all can celebrate all the great things that are happening for sure!

And with that… Here we go!

Homemade Hot Cocoa … 
What is it about an old-fashioned steaming, hot cup of cocoa? The warmth? The smell that is absolutely divine? Perhaps the way all the different sorts of ingredients combine into a smooth, silky texture for one cup of pure bliss? Whatever it really is {another email for another time}, this cocoa from The Pioneer Woman may have been made more than once this week.

A resounding quote…


Stop. Just STOP for a moment W3.
Take a breath. Take a moment and just be.
We don’t’ need a fancy holiday to remind us to be in awe.
In AWE for what we already have.
Not what we long for, wish for, or hope for.
But just being truly thankful and IN AWE for the things around us.

Let me give you just ONE example:
The mobile phone you might be viewing this email on?
Yeah… thankful for that. In AWE of the technology.
In AWE of being able to communicate with each other so easily.

Doctor’s and nurse’s and health care (Thank you Canada) – loved ones who gather – the text from a friend just asking “Are You Ok?” – coffee (I’m not kidding, coffee has saved my life I believe a time or two) – I could go on and on.

Homemade Face Mask
Self-care. Yeah… I went there. Take time for YOU. {and for ME taking time for ME.} Grab your favorite drink, pick your favorite mask, whip one up and just BREATHE.

I don’t know what it is … but there’s something about having “muck on your face” that just slows the world down.

And… if you might be wondering… Cocoa Dream Hydration Mask may or may not be on my face as I am typing this up… a woman can never divulge too many secrets right?!  Check them out. Let me know which one YOU made for YOUR Self.

You Are Loved,

PS. Did you get a chance to enjoy the Wild and Wise Sisterhood Peaceful Prosperity Workshop? Let me know if you want the replay link! I will gladly send it your way!