Unleash Your Wild with Book Collaborative Author, Nina Luchka

Divine Soul,

Today, I started out
getting to talk to one
of the members…
of my team.

It reminded me that…
as much as I ADORE
social media and email,
an old-fashioned
phone call really is
good for the soul.

Being able to take time
to hear another person
speak to you…
to speak life into you…
to help reaffirm your steps…
to give their perspective of things…
it can help ground you,
or even help guide you to a
different thought pattern.

I ask you…
Do you have
someone like that?

My hope is that you do.

One of the women,
that I am HONORED
to be able to call
a friend and look to
for authentic advice is

This week,
I am thrilled to
introduce to you
our third Author,
Nina Luchka.

Nina is a mom of 4 young kids,
fitness expert
& holistic health coach,
feminine fire coach,
and holy fire II reiki master

She has a huge heart
in guiding women,
especially moms,
to create a life and
body they want.

Most importantly,
to connect to their
inner feminine fire,
and seeing the power
they have inside
to create what they want.

Join us for the replay of Nina’s Facebook LIVE.