Unleash Your Wild with Book Collaborative Author, Holly Chadwick

Divine Soul,

This past week,
I had the absolute
pleasure of introducing
the very first
Wild and Wise
Book Collaborative
Author, Sue Bonzell.


I was blown away.

being able to chat with Sue
and interact with her
in the setting of a Facebook LIVE.

I have said it so many times…
we have ROCKstar women
in the W3 tribe.

This week,
I am thrilled to
introduce to you
our second Author,
Holly Chadwick.

Holly had rigorous
music studies and
though she didn’t become
a concert pianist,
she has directed movies!

Filmmaker, copywriter,
marketing expert,
Holly resides on Whidbey Island
in the same house
she grew up in
with her husband
and two Golden Retrievers.

She enjoys kayaking,
boating, playing piano,
extreme sledding
and off-roading adventures.

Join us for the replay of Holly’s Facebook LIVE.