Do You Follow Your Head Or Your Heart?

What do you do when your head tells you one thing … and your heart tells you another?  It’s tricky.

It’s tricky because you may not be able to trust – instantly (really important word here) what your heart OR your mind is telling you. It’s more than just choosing one and running headlong in that direction.

You have to take the time to unwrap the messages – even unwrap the question you are asking your heart and mind to weigh in on.

Separate out the motivations, the ego, (remember, your ego’s job is to protect you … so it will do that with every means necessary) and USE the talents of both of these (heart and mind) to come to a place of stillness and truth.

What is it you really want?  No … I mean really. (Is it HIS or HER love specifically – Or love in general – that could potentially come from a different amazing human being.)

What do you need? (this is that place where we’ve sometimes been advised to quit our jobs and follow our passion without taking into account how we are going to feed the children next month.

What do you deserve?  Yes … this is a real question, and one of the hardest.

What are you willing to do … either way.

What will bring you joy, ease, freedom (or the state you are desiring most).

Is there a compromise?

Don’t just let one thought, or one feeling, decide your steps. Both are fleeting and can change with the wind. Also each one can be shifted … to align with what you want it to. (I promise it’s true!)

So the answer to the question of “What do I follow … my mind or my heart?” is … Both. Let them both weigh in and be ruthless with peeling away the layers to get to YOUR truth in the situation.

Then … and only then … take your first bold steps in that direction. 🙂

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You Are Loved xo

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