Being Overstimulated by Noise is a Real Thing.

There came a time in my life when I recognized how integral silence was to my well-being. For so long I suffered … I was edgy, unsettled, unhappy, exhausted.

It could be voices, television, or even “smaller” things like people walking on gravel, eating, the crinkling of the newspaper (crinkling a newspaper! really? yes, it’s true) … any of these sustained … can feel torturous.

I’ve been known to be sitting in a coffee shop, living room or movie theatre with my fingers in my ears, trying desperately to block out the “extra” noise.

I thought I was just difficult. I thought I was just an easily irritated person.

Then I took some real time off to heal after I had experienced complete burnout – physical, mental, emotional, spiritual … exhaustion.

That time I spent in solitude and silence … and there I found my joy.  There I found peace, contentment, ease.

There I realized that my senses can get bombarded and overwhelmed and it can put me in a foul state (lol just ask my husband or son).

And … I accepted that my experience was … real, valid, significant.

I know there are people who are exactly the opposite.  Who need some sort of noise – even in the seconds of silence that may present themselves.

Their experience also is real, valid, significant – for them. (I’ll admit I do try to not spend a ton of time around this experience) 😉

So I want you to know … whatever your experience – it is real, valid, significant.

If you feel overwhelmed by noise and energy, you are not alone.

In the silence, I found my purpose. I was able to get clear about what does bring me joy – and where my passion lies.

I want this for you.

If you know what your purpose is … what brings you passion and joy … share it with us in the Facebook group and live with Mel and I on Monday night.  Your story is a gift for those who hear it.

If you are still searching, I really urge you to join us for the live event. We’ll be talking about Mel’s journey, my journey, and how what we’ve learned can help you get to your passion-fueled life faster and simpler.

It all comes down to this. Community. That’s why I send you messages, it’s why I want you to share in the group, it’s why we do events. To put the heartbeats in the same room … wild and wise heartbeats. 🙂

You Are Loved xo

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photo by José Martín via unsplash