New Sharables!

Good morning beautiful W3,

Isn’t it a gorgeous day! Here is a new list of links that we think you will love

The “Happy and Healthy in 2018” Sisterhood Workshop Replay – FREE

The 10 Day Mindfulness and Meditation Summit – FREE

The Wild and Wise Meditation Kickstart Guide – FREE

The 7 Principles of Boundary Setting – FREE

The Wild and Wise Book Club – FREE

The Wild and Wise Love Letter Series – FREE

The Wild and Wise Facebook Discussion Group – FREE


There is the Wild and Wise Sisterhood Gift Box – with the order window closing FAST!

And of course, if you’ve been reading these emails lately, or seeing our Facebook posts, you already know this part … The SHARE I am MOST proud of!

Wild and Wise Sisterhood is contributing, along with our partner Matr Boomie, $1600 from the proceeds of our first two sisterhood boxes, to a year long literacy program for Artisan women and their children! (insert dance music here! woohoo! champagne corks popping – confetti falling!)

Remember, every time YOU receive a Sisterhood gift box delivered to your door – $15.00 from the purchase of that box is contributed to Wild and Wise Setu Projects. And our first project …. teaching women to read and write – so that they may rise up in their communities, families, businesses and lives to create their best life!

I hope you have been loving all the free resources, workshops, and extras we’ve been sending your way! The Summit is going to be amazing!


You Are SO Loved,