My Favorite Things!

Good morning beautiful W3,

Today I am sharing my favorite things with you!

And we are nearing 700 members in the Wild and Wise Book Club! We will be posting discussion questions every week as well as draws (you KNOW I love to give gifts!) and this is a safe space for YOU to discuss those words, phrases, chapters, quotes that resonate with YOU and together we all learn, share, connect and grow! It’s FREE and You’re Invited!  

You Deserve A Love Letter … 

I have been promising you that I will keep sharing our most popular resources from 2017 for you to access and download.

When you click here you will receive a series of Five Wild and Wise Love Letters.  A reminder of the courageous wildness and soul-deep wisdom within you.  Celebrate all that YOU ARE with these love letters from my heart to yours.   
They are FREE and written for YOU!

Wild and Wise Words From Women You Know

Women’s Day collected Wise Words from Powerful Women that I wanted to share. You never know when a phrase or quote is just what you need that day, and Women’s Day did such a pretty job of these, when need just a little pick me up – you can go to the Facebook Group, and this Inspirational Words Album and get exactly that! I would also LOVE if you added your own!

Wild and Wise Sisterhood Gift Box $10 Off Promo Code

You’ve heard the news I am sure … our second Wild and Wise Sisterhood gift box is being shipped in the next couple of weeks and we would love to have one delivered to your door!

To make it extra special we are offering $10 off your first box – use #sharethelove as your promo code and we have an exciting announcement coming for members of the Sisterhood as well … an exclusive and brand new feature that you have been asking for!

Join the Sisterhood … together we are creating real change. Already we have committed, together with our partner Matr Boomie, $1600 to our first Wild and Wise Setu Project – literacy classes for a full year for 20 women and their children.  Want to know why these literacy classes are SO important and why it is our first project? Read this and learn more!

W3 … I just have to say it. Thank you. Thank you for being here with me and the entire W3 team and thank you for your love and support every single day. I hope you feel you are getting that back tenfold!! We are doing inspiring things here in the Wild and Wise World, and it is just the beginning. So make sure you are a member of the group, that you receive these emails with all the good stuff 🙂 and that you access the resources and heck! Join the Sisterhood! We’d love to welcome you!

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Whew there is a LOT of goodness in this email today! Have a great Saturday W3.