How To Have All That You Seek

Good morning beautiful W3,

I am sitting all cuddled up with a cozy blanket in the silence, as the mist lifts from the lake and the sun scatters light and reflection everywhere. It’s glorious.

And of course, by my side is hot strong coffee and a shortbread cookie to help me write. (We all need something right?)

Oh, and the secret sauce to this glorious morning? I’m at the Wild and Wise Retreat House. This place, this space just quiets my soul.

I don’t have to “try” to achieve peace when I’m here. I don’t have to “search” for silence, or solitude, or contentment, or freedom. Even if I’m not physically alone, all those things are waiting for me … I just slip into them again like a comfy robe or perfectly worn pair of slippers.

Here, I SEE. So I do not need to SEEK. So how do I remember how to take this with me when I go? How do I create this same experience, no matter what space or place I am in? I used to know how … I’ve forgotten.

Here is what I remember:

There is a profound difference between “seeing” and “seeking”. When we are seeking, for instance … abundance of any kind ~ money, love, peace, friendship, generosity, compassion, kindness …. we are focused on what we believe is ‘missing’.

When we are seeing, we are focused on what is already here ~ what is true for us in our current existence, what we already feel, what we are instinctively experiencing.

Or maybe …. what will BE true for us.

For the very act of ‘seeing’ whatever blessing we are focused on manifests it even more into our reality. (This is the basic premise of the Law of Attraction – when we see and feel what we want to experience, more of it comes our way)

By changing the intention of our thought pattern, from ‘seeking’ to ‘seeing’ the money, love, peace, friendship, generosity, compassion, kindness that is already in our life … we cannot help but change the feeling of our current experience.

And that feeling creates a certain ‘vibration’ which brings us even more to SEE. (Does that make sense?)

So I invite you to look around you on this glorious Sunday morning W3, and really SEE the abundance in your life, the grace that has been bestowed and the presence of those things you may have felt were lacking.

And get ready … for as you continue to focus on what you ‘see’, you will undoubtedly, ‘SEE’ some more!

You Are Loved,

PS. One of the reasons I have found my Self ‘SEEKING’ peace, silence, solitude, and freedom is that the holidays are nearing. (I know, I usually have a pact that I don’t even “think” about the holiday season until at least Halloween is over …)

The holidays have, in my past, been a time filled with great joy. This year, is a bit more of a struggle as there are empty spaces in my life that weren’t there before. It’s one of the reasons that we wanted November’s workshop to cover loss, grief, and how to find your way back from it – with help for what can be hardest times of all … the holiday season.

If you would like support, strategies, help and love to help take steps to overcome the feelings of loss and grief that make holidays hard Join Us. And this isn’t just about losing someone … the loss of a job, a divorce, loss of a friendship or a home, loss of your Self due to giving everything to others for so long … all of this can contribute to a challenging holiday season we struggle to get excited about.

Join the Wild and Wise Sisterhood and you will also receive your first surprise gift box delivered at the perfect time! After the holidays, in January, when all the hoopla has diminished. The perfect time to receive a love-filled gift.

PPS. Also, another “help” through the holidays, our most recent bonus that isn’t even listed on the page yet! 30+ beautiful and inspiring affirmations that will help to turn your life from SeeKing to Seeing AND will help you through any challenging day.