The Goddess Project

Good morning beautiful W3,

For me, this week has had some ups and downs. I truly try to focus on staying in positive spaces … to bring positive energy wherever I go, and to live in a space of inspiration, peace, and happiness not matter what is going on around me.

Sometimes I am not good at it.

So this week’s sharables include some motivation on how to stay in a positive space for all of us, and a few other things I want to share.

1. Video: The Most Pleasing 5 Letter Word.

This video by Gaur Gopal Das has a number of wonderful gems you can take away with you. The process he takes you through of “Do You Have A Problem?” I admit, I re-created and it is hanging in my office. A simple question. A simple reminder.

2. Video: The Goddess Project

Yes! Yes! Yes! This could have just as easily been the Wild and Wise Women Project (and that could still happen) 😉 but I want to shout out loud for The Goddess Project and support this vision, these women, this message, this mission. Yup, not only because it is one so similar to our own … but also because it is one so similar to our own.

Director Sara Landas: “I wanted to see more women in the media who embodied the person that I wanted to become, who was happy and healthy and living their dreams.”

3. Sisterhood Love: Women’s Choice Awards

You all know how passionate I am about women supporting women. Our sisterhood connections, relationships, friendships and bonds are important for so many reasons and I will work every single day to continue to promote, teach, share, and learn more so that empowering one another, supporting one another, celebrating one another … is what we do naturally.

So to have received multiple supportive and loving messages, photos and a video from Kimberly Diehl, Director of Brand Development and Delia Passi, Founder – of the Women’s Choice Awards about the Wild and Wise Sisterhood gift box and subscription has been truly a wonderful experience!

(Definitely one of the “ups” I experienced this past week). The Women’s Choice Awards is an incredible organization, and while we are discussing collaboration and other exciting things, these two amazing, powerful, brilliant, wild and wise women took time out of their busy days to empower, support and celebrate the Sisterhood project.

For that reason, I wanted to share one of the messages Kimberly sent to us, and to remind you that it takes a short amount of time, and your supportive words can change someone’s day.

Kimberly Diehl: “Christa, Thank you so much for these beautiful gift boxes!! We just did our unboxing video and pics, and I will send you the video link and pictures as soon as it’s ready. We love everything, and I have an inkling you will have some new members soon. Our ladies here went crazy over every piece!! Delia and I really want to thank you for your generosity and kindness.”

Note to Self: Send an encouraging and supportive note to someone today.

So that’s it for this weeks sharables W3. Have a beautiful weekend!!

You Are Loved,

PS. What to be a part of the Sisterhood and receive YOUR gift box that the Women’s Choice ladies went crazy over? We’d love to have you join us! You still have time to be a part of the exclusive Sisterhood November live workshop as well on Recovering From Loss (loss of someone you love, a relationship, a friendship, divorce, a job, loss of your Self …) and Finding Your Way.

Join me and special guests, including Certified Grief Specialist Christina Lerchen of The Best Unexpected.